Thursday, June 23, 2011

Masquerade by Melissa De La Cruz

Schuyler Van Allen went to Venice to look for her grandfather Lawrence Van Allen. What she never knew was that she was going to find him. In the process of finding him and talking to him what she didn't know was that he was going to show up at her grandmothers house. Which he did.
This the second book of the Blue Blood series and its just the start of the book. Mini and Jack force are twins and they were distant to be together. But something was coming together between Jack and Schuyler. What she didn't know was that he was going to do something that was going to surprise her. There was a ball coming and then Mimi had planned something special for only the teenagers to come to. Jack was going to be there and she knew that she was going to have to deal with whatever feelings she had for him.
Bliss was a friend of Mimi's and Schuyler's and she was having some bad dreams and a few other things going on with her. She knew something was not making sense to her and when she got attacked and had to deal with what was going to come, she had to find out the truth about the new kid, Kingsley.
Oliver was her bestfriend and someone that she could trust with everything. But, when she suspected that he was in love with her but couldn't say anything about it, she felt strange wanting to take blood from him. When a vampire takes blood from a human things between them change. In the process of it she had found out that he did love her.
By the end of the book you will find out what is going to happen to Mimi and why Schuyler is the only one that can save Mimi.
Its a good book and will worth reading if you haven't yet. Well, I'm off to start my next book. Hope you will pick up this book and the forst one that's already on my blog.
Note: I'm going to be adding more series to my blog as this project of mine gets bigger and bigger. Just so that you as a reader will know that I'm reading as quickly as I can. Real life does have a habit of getting in the way sometimes. So, hang in there. I will continue to add more books to the blog. You will never know what book is added tell you come a see. Remember to read a good book. It make the body feel good.

Friday, June 17, 2011

Fallen by Lauren Kate

This is the first book in the fallen series. I was sure of what kind of book it was going to be like. Then, I seemed very ingrossed into it. Its not a bad book.
Luce Price had problems in her old school and was being taken to another school to live. Sword & Cross was an old school where she didn't know anyone again. To make friends in a new school for anyone is hard. To many rules and kids that seemed to hae a lot of problems. Because of what happened to Trevor she wasn't sure about boys and getting involved with them. Plus, there was something else that she was dealing with, a dark shadow that seems to follow her where ever she went.
Arriane was that first person that befreinded her. She showed Luce some of the red cam's around the school. Standing in a line waiting for the first class was a guy she had a feeling that she might have known. His name is Daniel Grigori. Something about him just made her think that she'd known him for a very long time but, didn't know how.
Cam one of the other students there started to notice her and was wanting to befriend her. Luce didn't see anything wrong about it and would have never know that he could be someone that was very dangerous. Penn, had come up to her and her and luce started hangin out more and more. Penn was willing to help her find out more about Daniel.
Luce had been wanting to get closer to Daniel but for some reason her was playing hard to get. He would be rude to her a few times and then be nice. Luce had the feeling that there was something about him that she knew. She needed to know. But, as the story goes on. Tings end up happening and her and Daniel end up kissing and he them seems unsure of things between them. But, she knows deep down that he loves her.
By the end of the book you know what's going on and you will also know that there are things that won't be said tell you read the second one.
Over all, its not a bad book. A little slow but, it was worth sticking my nose in it and keep on reading. I liked it. Well, I'm off to start my next book. If you want to know the ending, pick up the book.

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Bitten by Kelley Armstrong

This is the first book in the women of the otherworld series, by an author that I like very much.
Elana Micheals is a human that's living with her boyfriend Philip. But, there is another part of her that he doesn't know. She's a werewolf. She was bitten by someone she thought she loved a long time back, Clay. What she didn't know at the time was that Clay had a reason to do what he did. He wanted a mate. Someone that he knew loved him but, he lied to Elana.
Clay, Nick, Peter, Jeremy, Logan and Antonio were all part of a pack of werewolves. They lived in Stonehaven a house outside of Bear Valley. For Elana it was a place she didn't really want to go back too. But when the pack alfa called you were surposed to come calling. Jeremy was the pack leader and Elana had no choice back to go back.
Clay and Elana didn't get along to will and would fight a lot. Clay loved Elana and in some way, she knew she needed to make the right decision. She had let her emotions and the change a few times bring her to make love to Clay. In some ways it was something else she needed to deal with.
The reason that everyone was surposed to come back was that they had mutt's in town causing trouble. It ended up with two of their pack members dead. Now, they needed to find a way to deal with the mutt's that were there and killing them off wasn't just going to do it. Other things were happening to and the human police were getting involved which was going to make the things the pack had to deal with harder.
By the end of the book things would end with death.
This is a page turner, worth reading if you haven't yet. If you like the author this book will grab you and hold you tell you get to the end of it. Read it, if I was to give it a rating it would be a 5. Its that good.
Well, I'm off to start my next book. Like I said before you never know what book I'll add to my blog here. Enjoy a good book, if not just any one, choose this one. Promise you'll enjoy the fast moving, page turning book.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

In the woods by Tana French

At first this book was slow and then farther into it, it began to pick up. When you read books that seem to take you forever to get through at one time you start to think that you should put it down. I didn't.
Detective Rob Ryan and Cassie Maddox were called out on a murder of a young girl. Not something that they wished they would ever have to deal with but, it was their job. Rob Ryan wasn't his real name and the story behind who he really starts to come out as their investigation gets going. Adam Ryan is his real name and he was the only survior of his three friends on that day that they all three came up missing.
Rob had told Cassie one night when he was sleeping over at her house about him and who he was. What she didn't know was how much the case they were working on was going to effect him and his life. 
Katy Devlin was the girl that got mudered and finding who did was the detectives job. What takes them down certain roads in the story are people like Katy's family and the strange things that goes on there. Then, theres the archaeolgists working the site where the girls body was found. whatever happened there, they will fine out.
Rob makes a mistake by sleeping with Cassie and then treats her like crap. He was never really good at relationships. In the long run things for Rob becomes very hard for him to deal with.
Over all the book is good to read. Yes, its a little slow. But, once you get towards the end and things start to come together, you need to finish the book to see what happens.
Well, I'm off to start my next book. Pick up a book that you haven't read yet. Maybe, it will surprise you.