Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Secrets to the grave by Tami Hoag

Another new author to add to my books I've read now. I will say this, this book is a grab you by your shirt tails and hold you tell you have to know how it ends. Marissa is brutely murdered in her home and her daughter Haley is almost choked to death but survives.

Tony Mendez is one of the cops on the case. With the help of Vince Leone and his wife Anne they will try and solve the case. Many people in the story have had affairs with Marissa, The Bordain's are a very powerful family in the Oak nowl area and the father Bruce and his son are two that are looked at.

Zahn Zander seemed like a very strange man to Vince when he talked to him. Zahn was the person that found Marissa and seemed very, very upset about the whole thing. But Vince has a problem the guy seems to be crazy or something. But when Vince tries to confront him he attacks Vince.

Dennis Farman is a very troubled kid and Anne has been trying to help him. But, he's fighting her every step of the way. He thinks of ways to hurt her and in the long run he does try too.

Anne has been trying to help Haley remember what had happened to her mother even though the little girl is only 4 years old. The only thing she says is bad daddy.

Gina is Marissa's best friend and when the cops go to talk to her and shows her a picture of what happened to Marissa. She ended up getting upset then she ends up disappearing and not even the cops know what happened.

Little dirty secrets start to come out as the cops look into people they think that could have killed Marissa. But by the end of the book you'll be surprised of who it really was. There's so many turns and twists in this book and ever damn page you read makes you want to continue reading it.

I love a good page turner and this one I'll give 5 stars for sure too. Its hard to tell to much of this story without giving some of the things away.

Well, I'm off to start another book. I hope you'll go and pick up this book if you haven't read it.

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Until the end by Christopher Pike

This is a three in one book. The party, the dance and the graduation. Jessica is a fairly popular girl in her last year of school. She meets Micheal who spills grape juice on her sweater. She thinks he's cute. Her friend Sarah and Polly are talking and over walks Alice which is Polly's sister. Alice says lets have a party and at first Polly isn't sure about it. With the help of Jessica and Sarah they plan the party, send out invotations to everyone they want to come.

Micheal is friends with Bubba who is computer smart and helps him out once in awhile. Bubba had been telling Micheal about Clair and that he's planning on sleeping with her. Micheal doesn't say much. When the time for the party comes about things end up going wrong some how. Alice is dead and for some reason Micheal doesn't believe that she took her life, being that's how things looked at first. So, Micheal decides that he's going to find out what happens.

Home coming is just around the corner and one thing that's been bothering jessica is that she hasn't seen Micheal around much. She thinks she's going to be home coming queen but, it turns out to be her friend Maria. To everyones surprise though another things happens and Maria ends up getting hurt. With all these things going on, Micheal is still trying to figure out what happened to his friend Alice.

Will graduation is just around the corner and Sarah has planned a big party on a boat for everyone to party and have fun. This was going to be the one thing that Micheal knew would bring everyone that was at the party together. He was going to solve this one way or another.

By the end of the book you find out what happens but, you'll have to pick it up for yourself and read it to know how it ends. Well, I'm off to start another book. Remember a good book isn't far away.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cryer's Cross by Lisa McMann

Kendall lives in a small town of Cryer's Cross. Not a lot going on in the town tell on teenager disappears and everyone is out looking for her. Her boyfriend Nico one person that she's known all her life is there with her helping out. She and Nico have been friends forever it seems.

Two new kids show up in town, Jacian and Marlena. Jacian has the attitude like he's better then everyone but he plays soccor like Kendall does and looks like he's pretty good at it. He ends up tripping her at practice and she just gets back up and keeps going.

Then, one day Nico starts acting funny and then disappears himself. Kendall gets very upset and helps everyone try to find him. But they don't. While doing her thing in class before everyone is there She touches the desk that nico used to sit at and it talks to her. She doesn't know what to make of it. She thinks she hears Nico talking to her and asking for help. What she doesn't know is that its not.

She ends up listening to what those whispers are telling her and ends up in the hospital. Other then that, You'll have to read why that was happening to her and find out how the story ends. This is a short book so shouldn't take you long to read. Hope you enjoy it.

Well, I'm off to start a new book. Remember that a good book is never far from your reach.