Friday, April 3, 2015

Asylum by Madeliene Roux

Sixteen year old Dan Crawford got in at a summer program at a college. What he didn't know was that it used to be an Asylum. When his arrives for his first day he sees that there's going to be a lot of kids going through the same thing he is. He meets Jordan and Abby in one of the lines waiting to here how things are going to work. He doesn't realize that he and many other students will be staying in the Asylum part, that was turned into dorms.

Dan meets his roommate Felix. The guy seems a little strange. He tells him about the basement that's closed off from the rest of the place. When things start to go a little strange for him. He talks Jordan and Abby into checking out the old place. With Jordan knowing how to pick locks they get in without any problems. Dan also starts to have a crush on Abby.

Dan and them find the old wardens office and then, Dan finds out that his name was Danny Crawford like his name. Checking out more of the place he finds things like files and old pictures of some of the people that used to work there as will as lived there. After reading a note the hairs on Dan's neck starts to stand up. He knows he needs to leave the area but, something keeps nagging at him. Who was Danny Crawford and what kind of things really happened when this place was open.

Jordan starts acting funny and Abby isn't quite herselfe after thier visit down there. Dan starts to get notes that he has knows idea of who is sending them. After a period of time other things end up happening. One of the kids is killed another is hurt. But know one knows how it happens. Dan finally asks Abby out and things go real well.

Dan still needs to figure out what is really happening here. He knows that going back downstairs he would find the answers. He decides to take a trip back down there to find out if he can find out anything. Abby decides to go along with him. They both find more information and Abby finds out that her dad had a sister that used to be a there. She knew she needed to tell him about her and find out what she can.

By the end of the book you find out what happens and things come together to make you wonder, is the place haunted by the past? Does all the things that happened here make for this place to be even used by the school. Well, you'll have to read the book to find out how it ends. Its worth reading.