Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bound by Kira Saito

Arelia LaRue is a seventeen young girl living with her grandma. She's been going to school and working to bring in money so that they can eat. It wasn't easy for her not having a lot of money. Sabrina is Arelia's bestfriend and has been since they were just little kids. Sabina was telling her that she got them both a job at the Darkwood plantation. It would be for the whole summer.

Arelia's granma wasn't to happy about it at first but went ahead and said okay. They both left to get there the next morning. They met Henry then, they met Ms.Mae. Something about her seemed like she had met Ms. Mae before. To find out a Ms. Mae was her aunt which met she was her grandma's sister. After going over things she was showed where they were going to be sleeping. Aleria made her way to take a long bath then, got lost heading to her room by walking into Lucas's. She was quite surprised to see a guy in her room and he told her she was in his. She felt herself get red and left.

Sabrina had her sites on Lucas since she first saw him. He was a nice guy but, he kept watching me out of the corner of his eye. Arelia knew that there was something different about her. To find out, she was a voodoo queen. Ms. Mae pulled Arelia aside one day to ask her if she wanted to learn more about voodoo and what it means to be a voodoo queen. She said yes, at first.

Being blessed by Erzulie when she was younger brought out certain things about Arelia that she knew was different. She could talk to ghosts. But she really needed to know more about the whole thing.

After being there a week and Lucas kept talking to her, Sabrina started to get jealous about it. Her and Sabrina had a really nasty fight over him. They hadn't talked for days. But there were other things that Arelia was doing to keep herself busy. There was also things that Lucas hadn't told her about and neither had Ms. Mae. She had gotten so upset that she decided to leave Darkwood.

It was a good story and by an author I hadn't ever read before. Yes, there is another book to this one. You'll have to read the book to find out all that's going on and will happen.

Well, I'm off to start another book. Remember to enjoy a good book. Wither its an ebook or regular novel.