Friday, February 17, 2012

Sweep Vol. 1 by Cate Tiernan

This is a 3 in 1 book. Book of shadows, the coven and blood witch. Morgan Rowlands had never thought she was a normal girl. She and her friend Bree had been friends for a long time. Morgan's life was about to change. One day at school she saw the most handsome boy and found out his name was Cal. What she didn't know was that he was a witch and so was she.
Morgan's parents weren't very happy to know that she was getting into witchcraft and forbid her from having those kinds of books and anything like that in thier house. Cal was getting a bunch of the kids together and Morgan really wanted to know more about witchcraft. So, her and Bree went to the first meeting. What happened while Morgan was there was something she never exspected to happen. Cal told her she was a natural.
Morgan didn't know what that ment and she knew she needed to find out. She also knew that she was starting to have feelings for Cal. Her friend Bree told her that she wanted Cal and Morgan knew that she never had a chance. Then, something happened one night at a gathering they were having and Cal kissed her. That's when her friend Bree got jealous and morgan's life changed.
There was a lot of things that she didn't know about witchcraft and the day she met Cal's mother and found the book of shadows that was written by her real mother would make everything Morgan thought of as her life, changed. She need to know what it met to be a natural witch, about who her mother was and how she died. Everything in Morgan's life was going to be different and with Cal's help maybe a little better. But how much did she really know about Cal and soon she was going to learn more about him and his family. Would she like what she found out or were the choices she had to make change everything she knew and was.
Well, You'll just have to read this book to get some of those answers. Being that this is a start of a series. I guess we'll just have to find out what happens in the next book as will. the book is full of mystery and things happen pretty fast. You'll just have to pick it up to find out. I'm off to start my next book now. Remember to read a good book.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Blood Promise by Richelle Mead

This is the forth book in the Vampire academy serie. Rose has left school and is going after Dimitri who is a Strigoi. She is going to kill him and save him at the same time. But, what she doesn't know is that Dimitri has plans for her.
Rose goes to Russia where Dimitri's family is. She meets them and stays with them for awhile. She even meets another spirit user and shadow kissed. She also meets Abe but doesn't realize who he is right off the bat. But, he's her father.
As time goes by Rose gets taken by some Strigoi and to find out that its Dimitri that she has to face again. He tells her that he still loves her and wants her to become what he is. Which doesn't make Rose feel very good. She also knows that she needs to do what she can to get away from him. But, his bites are taking her strength and she is liking it a little to much. But, as time goes by she finally comes up with a plan to get away, only to have to fight Dimitri again. In doing so she thinks she kills him.
With the help of her father Abe she goes back to america and the school she left. She knows that Lissa has been having  problems and they sit down and talk. She think she has finally done away with Dimitri only to have gotten a package from him.
Over all the book is good. I don't yet know how the series is going to end. But, I will wait to find out. Well, it time for me to start another book.