Monday, November 14, 2022

The woman in the window by A. J. Finn

 This was a very good book. Anna Fox is a Child psychologist. She's also an agoraphobian. Which means she can't leave the house without having some breathing problems or even fainting. She spends a lot of her time watching old black and white movies. Plus, she drinks a lot of red wine. She also spends some of her day looking through her camera. She doesn't really take pictures of what she's seeing. Most people just think she's strange and pay her no mind.

Dr. Feilding comes to her house once a week to see how she's doing. Usually they don't talk to much about why she's like she is because he doesn't want to up set her. He knows that she talks to her husband and daughter. You don't find out why their not living with her to farther into the book. I started wondering what was going on pretty early in the book.

She also knew that a new family moved in on the other side of the park. Which she starts to watch them. When the teenage boy Ethan shows up with a candle and to interduce himself to her. She believes he's a very kind kid. She doesn't think much other then that. 

She meets his mother a few days later and things from there become strange to Anna. Because one night while she's watching the family she see's the mother get stabbed. She decides to call the police. After not wanting to wait on them. She makes her first trip out of the house and has problem breathing and things start to spin around her, tell she faints. 

She wakes up in the hospital and not very happy about being there. She meets detective Little. She tells him what she saw and he tells her that he'll take her home and they can figure out what happened. 

After Little takes her home. His partner brings down Mr. Russele. He pretty much just tells Anna that she didn't see anything like that and he brings in his wife who is very much alive. Anna starts getting very upset. Not willing to let this go. Detective Little tries to explain to her that she just thought she saw it and that she needed to let it go. He gives her his card and everyone leaves. She just keeps running it all through her head. 

The book is so good and you'll have to pick it up to find out how it ends. Always remember to read a book, you might just find a favorite or two.

Well, I'm off to start another book. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Curse of Salem by Kay Hooper

 Salem, North Carolina Is a small town full of physics. Bishop started a special unit and two of them is, Hollis and Diana. They are called mediums. They end up in what they call gray area. They both get the feeling that something isn't right and a small child shows up. He shows them the town of Salem. There has been a person missing and may be in a lot of trouble. 

Hollis gets really cold when this happens to her. She still isn't used to her talents like the others. Bishop has been trying to help Diana with hers and he will guild all of them when he needs their help. 

Hollis and Diana tell Bishop what they saw. At first he tells them that they can't just go there without being invited. Next thing they know, the phone rings and its Finn who's the sheriff. That's their invite.

They all know of Salem because of another person that was really bad. Finn tells them that everyone in town is protecting themselves. Bishop knows there's a weird feeling around town and they don't know who's after people in the town. The five main families in town all have their own talents. As far as Finn knows one of the family members has disappeared and their not sure if someone took him or if he left on his own. 

Nellie is one of the family members that can talk to crows. She helped out the last time there was a problem in the town She doesn't like talking to them and when Bishop asks her to talk to them to help them out she does. That's when the find the one that disappeared. He was murdered, so badly that it was hard to figure out who he really was at first. 

After some time later on, they find one other person that no one knew she was even missing. They all thought she just left. 

Well, I'm not going to spoil the ending. You'll have to read the book to find out what happens. 

I'm now off to start another book. Remember to pick up a good book. You never know if you might find a good book you might just like it. 

Saturday, August 27, 2022

The face of deception by Iris Johansen

 This is the first book of the Eve Duncan series. She had lost her daughter and uses her work to hide all her feelings by doing what she knows best. She's been given a skull to work on so she can find out who she is. The skull, may not be her daughter but, she's someone elses. Joe Quinn is a cop and a good friend of Eve's. She will do her best to help him when he asks her too.

When she finds out that there's a billionare wanting to talk to her. She pretty much says no. She has a job to finish. Then, when he shows up at her door. She gets quite angry. She asks him what he wants. He introduces himself as John Logan and he wants her to do what she does best. 

Logan doesn't tell her the whole truth about everything and she knows he isn't. She's head strong and does what she can to keep him on his toes. What she finds out is going to make things very dangerous for them both. 

The President of the United States has been killed or suppose he has. The first lady, Lisa contacts Eve to tell her she wants the skull or she will be killed along with everyone she knows, including her mom. She's only talked to Joe a few times since all these things has happened. Being the Joe wants to protect her, he decides to come get her. That wasn't going to work out. 

In Joe, all this is just crazy and he needs to do something. 

I will say, Logan is one of those guys that doesn't care about anything but bringing down Lisa. Even though there's someone out there trying to kill them, he knows what he needs to do. He's smart and rich but, he may just end up getting Eve killed. 

Over all, You'll have to read the book to find out what happens. Its a fast read too. 

I'm off to start another book. Remember to pick up a good book, you never know you might just enjoy what you read. 

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Library of souls by Ransom Riggs


This is the third book in Miss Peregrine's peculiar children's series. If this was a great way to end a trilogy this would be one hell of an ending. It was very good. 

Jacob and Emma are on their own after the other children were taken by wights. They need to go and get their friends back and Miss Peregrine. They have to find out a way to save them so they are safe. Addison is a peculiar dog that can talk. He has a great nose and will help them sniff out where they were taken. They are also being followed by a hollow. These things you can't see with your naked eye, but Jacob can see them. He's been learning how to control them and tell them what he's wanting him to do. 

Hollows can kill you if you can't see them and his grandfather was just like Jacob. He could see them too. 

After leaving the subway, they found their way down to a boat ramp. There was this guy dressed all in a strange black cloak. He kept dropping rats out of it. Jacob asked if they could get a ride to Devil's Arc. His name was Sharon and he did boat tours. At first Sharon didn't want to help them. They finally said they could pay him but, didn't have the gold right now. He thought about it then said, sure. 

With them in the small boat, being also that they were out in the open. Because they were with Sharon, the real normal people couldn't see them. Things are always different when it comes with the loops. Where they are heading, its not a good place. 

Things ended up happening after they arrived in Devil's Arc. People here weren't nice. They were looking at them. Sharon told them both to stay close. Ambosia is addicting and many of the people here use it. What Jacob and Emma find out is that its the souls of Peculiar children. Which makes Emma quite upset. They are waiting for Sharon and they wonder off. They find the castle and a long bridge but, before they can figure out a way to get across they are attacked. 

Jacob is hurt quite badly. Emma is hurt too. After that everything goes dark. They bought to meet Bentham. He's the brother of Caul and Miss Peregrine. He explains to them who he is and right off the bat, Emma doesn't trust him. The healer did heal Jacob and Emma. 

Devil's Arc is a very dark and dangerous place because the Wight and hollows live close by. Caul, is crazy and the one thing he wants most is to find the Library of souls. He believes that it will give him great power. With someone like that it makes it even more important to get everyone back and safe. 

Will, you'll have to read the book to find out what happens. I'll just say this, its a great ending. A good over evil story is always great. Pick it up. 

Well, I'm off to start my next book. Remember to pick up a good book, you never know what you might just like. 

Thursday, September 16, 2021

Elsewhere by Dean Koontz


Jeffy Coltrane had his wife Michelle leave him 7 years ago. He has their daughter Amity and she's 12 years old. They love fantasy books and spend a lot of time reading together and talking about them. They don't live life without doing the tings they love. Amity and her mouse Snowball and spending time on the beach. They live what you would call a normal life. 

Ed or what Amity calls him 'spooky Ed,' shows up on the doorstep and talks to her dad. Something is a little strange about this guy. He seems to be always looking over his shoulder and never comes tell after dark. Ed, begins to tell Jeffy about something that doesn't even make any since to him. He asks him to take this box and hide it somewhere, where no one will find it and if he doesn't come back for it in a week. He's to take it and throw it in the ocean after barrowing it in concrete. Ed, then leaves. 

Jeffy doesn't know what the hell is going on and he takes the box in the house. Puts it in his office when, Amity comes in and asks him what it is. Jeffy, is a little curious about it himself. Even though he was told not to open it, he does. Its some kind of cellphone or something like that. Then, there's a knock on the door and its loud. After hiding the thing, he heads for the door.

A few guys, all dressed in black are standing on his porch. One has his ID pulled out and says, ' I'm John Falkirk from the National security agency. Were here looking for Dr. Edwin Harkenbach he has stolen something that doesn't belong to him. Have you seen him?' Jeffy doesn't know how to answer that question but, he knows he shouldn't lie. So, he tells him he saw him last night but, he's not here. Falkirk tells his men to search the house and that they know what he's looking for. The move into the house and begin to search the house. 

Falkirk isn't what he seems and Amity ends up saying something snotty to him. If it was up to Falkirk, he would teach that girl a listen and he would love it. He doesn't care about them, he wants that hand held machine that can take him places that aren't part of this world. Its called, elsewhere. Different, plains of the same world with some that are dangerous and some that aren't. 

His men didn't find anything and they lift. Jeffy, knew now that what Ed gave him was something dangerous and he wasn't sure what to do about it. He would go about his day and later on after everything was calm he would get it from his hiding place and check it out. Amity, had snowball with her and they were at the kitchen table. 

As much as he wanted to protect her from things. He didn't know how much their life was going to change. He had the thing sitting on the table and was looking at it. When snowball walked over to it and stepped on it. Amity and her dad were touching each other and then, there was a light. They ended up jumping to another house that was theirs but, wasn't theirs. This was strange. Amity went looking around after sticking snowball into her pocket. There was nothing here that showed she ever lived here. Someone was outside mowing the lawn. This was weird. She looked at her dad and said they they needed to go back home. Jeffy, didn't even know how to do that. 

He had to go get some book that Ed had wrote and being that they are somewhere else. They didn't know if this was a good place or a bad place. They do find that out. All hell breaks out and they end up in danger. 

Well, I'm going to leave you with a cliff hanger here. You'll have to read the book to find out what happens. I'll add this. Falkirk is a really bad guy playing as a good guy. He just likes to kill people for pleasure. The book was interesting. Nothing like what you might think it is. 

Well, I'm off to start my next book. Remember to read a book, you never know if you might just like it. Books are there to enjoy, so pick up one. 

Sunday, September 5, 2021

Fated by Alyson Noel


This the first book in The Soul Seekers series. The book was really good. Something different then, what I'm used too. 

Daire is a 16 year old girl with her mom, traveling around the world for her mothers job as a make-up artist. Jeenika is her mom. Things with them have been okay at time. Daire, keeps having problems with seeing things that don't make since to her. She sees, ravens and shadow like people and it freaks her out. She doesn't know if she's going crazy or what. 

She and Vance this boy she sees while he's working on this movie where there are, is getting something to eat, when things start to happen. After a time, she faints or something like fainting. When she wakes up, she's tide down and her mom is sitting close by. She doesn't know where she is but, she doesn't like what's going on. She asks her mom what is going on and her mom tells the other lady in the room to get the doctor. Tell then, her mom just tells her that she's just going to have to relax. Like, that's going to happen. 

Once she hears from the doctor and hears what he has to say, she's not happy. She doesn't want to go to no mental hospital or take medicine that will mess with her. So, after leaving, her mom drives them to where they are staying after taking the trip home on an airplane. 

The phone in the house rings and its her grandmother Paloma calling. Some how she found out what is going on and talks her mom into letting her come and stay with her in Enchantment, New Mexico. She tells her mom that she can help Daire. She's going to have her friend Chay meet us and drive me the rest of the way. 

Jennika, her mom isn't so sure of about this whole thing but, for now its the only thing she can do. 

At first, Daire doesn't want to be there and ends up running away. She also ends up getting hit by a car, where she is bruised and has a broken leg. So, the idea of leaving didn't go quite will. She does have a few talks with Paloma who explains who her dad was and why he died before she was born. Something that her mom didn't explain to her very will.

She also finds out that she's a soul seeker and a very strong one. Paloma is going to teach her as much as she can, but Daire notices that she keeps having nose bleeds and becomes worried that something is wrong. 

She also meets Dace and Cade, they are teens. She doesn't like Cade and she finds out the Dace is nicer and good. Something evil is going on and Cade is a good reason, along with his father. Things end up happening and its not good. But, I'm not going to share what happens, because I want you to read this book. I'll tell you this, the ending will grab you and you'll want to continue to read tell the book ends. Its also wanting me to pick up the next one in the series but, I'm going to wait a little while then, I'll get it. 

Well, I'm off to start my next book. Remember to pick up a book, you never know if you like it, tell you read it. 

Note: I'm going to tell you guys something. I only read the book. I can't listen to audiobooks so my honest opinion of the book is from reading it. There is nothing wrong with listening to a book. I just love the feel of the book in my hands and its easier for me to enjoy and understand the stories I read. So, sometimes it will take me a little longer to read some book. 

Thank you for reading my blog. You can leave me a comment about the book or anything else if you want. 

Thursday, August 26, 2021

The Priory of the orange tree by Samantha Shannon


This is a 800 plus page book. Another fantasy to add to my list of books on here. I will add that its a pretty good read. Its a story about a queen that believes she can save her kingdom from an evil that has been sleeping for 1000 years. 

We meet Ead Duryan while she's working for queen Saban the ninth. She was sent to the kingdom to protect the queen. What she doesn't realize is that things aren't what they seem. She see's many things that don't agree with her and the beliefs she has. What she also doesn't know is how she really feels about the queen. 

One night she kills someone that is trying to kill the queen and she hides it so that she isn't spotted in doing it. Its not like she's afraid of what might happen to her, she doesn't want the queen to know its her. 

Loth, is her good friend and when he's sent away to do the queens business. Things in the castle become unsettled. He and his good friend Kit go together to see Estina Melaugo in the Yscalin in hope to make peace some how. It doesn't go will. 

Niclays Roos is a bad guy, he holds a grudge against Saban for sending him away. He wants to get off the island he's on and it will happen but, not in the way he thinks. Pirates roam the seas and he will meet a not so good one. 

Aubrecht Lievelyn, is going to marry Saban and its up to them to make a baby girl. She will be the one to save them from the nameless one that's surposed to come back. It will not be good. 

Saban ends up losing her consort and the baby. In the process bad people are trying to take her thone. Its up to Ead to help her deal with it but, having a relationship with the queen is more dangerous then, she knew. She loses everything and the queen all in three hours. Its not going will for all. 

I hate to inform you, but if you want to know what happens to them all. You are going to have to read the book. I will say that some things got me upset and some things got me angry. Over all, the book was good and long. I'll give you this teaser, there is a happy ending in a way. There are many other charaters in the book. Just read it. 

Well, I'm off to start another book. Remember to read a good book. You never know what might interest you. 

The woman in the window by A. J. Finn

 This was a very good book. Anna Fox is a Child psychologist. She's also an agoraphobian. Which means she can't leave the house with...