Friday, March 10, 2023

Revealed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

This is the eleventh book in the house of night series. Zoey and her friends are stuck at the school. She's having some problems with understanding her emotions and Aphrodite ends up having a vision of Zoey being very angry and doing something very bad. Because of that, Aphrodite askes Shaylin to watch her. Even though Aphrodite should have told Zoey what she had seen, because of that, things aren't going to go real will between them in the end. 

Neferet isn't quite herself after her fall from her penthouse. She needs to heal and become strong again. She ends up attacking the Mayor and killing him. Aphrodite is his son, her mom goes crazy and says some things very mean. Neferet ends up running and finding a fox hole and crawls inside. As she's sleeping she's having dreams of her life. From when she was abused as a young girl to getting marked and all the bad things she had been doing for years. The high Counsil doesn't even see who she really is. It begins to be noticed after lots of bad things come to lite. 

Erin helps the group with a ritual and ends up dying from the change. Dallas is on of the red fledglings He's quite mad and decides he's going to get even with all of Zoey's group. So after they have the ritual to send Erin to Nyx. He goes after Stevie Rae. He tries to kill her tell the Raven ends up attacking him. He would have killed him if Stevie Rar hadn't stopped him. It will take awhile for her to heal. 

With darkness not far away. Zoey isn't helping how she is feeling. Anger and a strange attachment to Aurox. Who has Heath inside him. One person that Zoey has loved for years. Her wanting him has put some problems between Stark and her. She does end up sucking Aurox's blood and feels really good before she feels bad about it. 

This book shocked me many times. I was happy to get some of the past about Neferet. Knowing what she is really about and her choice to be evil instead of good. I'm worried about what's going to happen next with Zoey and the rest of them. I guess soon enough I'll find out. Pick up the book, its really good.

I'm off to start another book. Remember to pick up a book, you never know you might find a favorite. Check out my older posts, see if you might want to pick up one of those too. 


Wednesday, March 1, 2023

Girl in ice by Erica Ferencik

 This was a very good book. A page turner and very interesting in a way that it was different than any other kind of book that I've read before. Did learn something as will.

Val Chesterfield is a linguist train to study languages. Her brother Andy was a climate scientist and was in Greenland's barren coast and he died there. She blamed Wyatt for what happened because he worked for him. She didn't believe the story that was given. 

Then, one day she gets a message from Wyatt that he had a girl there that he found and she wasn't speaking an language he was understanding and he wanted her to come to the Arctic to help him understand her. She had gone to see her dad, told him what was asked of her and her dad said maybe she should go. It was a trip she was a little iffy on. Her dad talked her into it. 

She wasn't the only one's going. She met Nora and her husband Raj. They were doing some research up there. She wasn't going to be alone. When they got there. Wyatt told them this story about finding the girl frozen in ice. At first, they didn't believe him at all. Val went into the room she was staying in and looked at her. She was all dirty and wearing an old Christmas sweater. She looked like she had been through something. 

Jeanne was a lady that did all the cooking and fixing of things there. She seemed harmless. The longer she was there trying to figure out what language the girl spoke the more the girl started to show her pictures of stuff she was trying to tell Val. 

Wyatt started to suspect that Val was hiding things from him. He started showing her a side of himself that made her nervous. She had been learning some of her language and was trying to tell him about it, but he didn't seem to want to know that. She knew there was something else going on. So, while they were out doing some things, she started snooping. She found slides he had been hanging onto. She took the girl which she named, Sigrid, with her, out to the dome where Nora and Raj were doing there work. They started to like the girl. It just took them time to get used to her. 

After some time, the girl started to get sick. They didn't know what to do. Sigrid, did try to tell Val what needed to happen to help her and Val tried to tell Wyatt and he called her a liar. Things are going to happen and it may not be good. 

Pick up the book if you want to know what happens. Remember to check old the older posts, you might find a new book to pick up. 

Well, I'm off to start a new book. Enjoy a good book, you never know what is out there, tell you find it. 

Sunday, February 12, 2023

Playing Dead by Allison Brennan

 This was a really great book. Moved very fast. Very hard to put down. 

Claire O'Brien is a private investigator and is working on a arson case for the company she works for. When she was fourteen her mother and the guy she was sleeping with were shot in her bed. Her father, Tom was the one they were looking at. He went to trial and was sentenced to death. Claire always believed he did it. Then, one day a young guy came knocking on her door to tell her that he may not be guilty. 

Mitch Bianchi is a FBI Agent and has been seeing Claire for awhile. He's been wondering if she's heard from her father. Partly because he escaped from prison. It's good if she was to talk to him about anything and right now she's not speaking to much. 

Mitch knows that he's got feelings for her and has been trying to keep from making love to her. It's very hard on him.

There is an assassin that had killed her mom and the guy she was with. He also wants Claire very badly. But, for him he needs to control himself. He don't want to hurt her, so he goes after other girls and ladies. Its the only way he can be around her for now. 

Claire ends up seeing her father and he tells her he's not guilty. At first she fights him. He explains that there was a young guy looking into it. He then, ended up disappearing. Claire decides to look into it for herself. She's good at what she does. She's not going to be making to many friends and there are many people that will find out what she's doing. 

A judge, a congressman and a very rich guy. All have something to lose. They will do everything to keep what they have done from coming out. 

Mitch and his partner find that young guy in the river not far from a small town. What they aren't sure of is why he's there in the first place. 

If you want to know how this book ends, pick it up. The end is really worth it. Don't forget to read a good book, check out my old posts. You might just find your next read.

I'm off to start my next book. 

Saturday, February 4, 2023

The school of good and evil by Soman Chainani

 This is the first book in a middle grade series. I enjoyed the fast pacing of this book. Quite gripping and pulls you in. Very easy to read. 

Sophie and Agatha are friends. Sophie would go visit Agatha at her house which was on a hill behind a graveyard. People in town would call Agatha a witch. Sophie, has high hopes of going to the school of good and evil to win herself a prince. She wanted so much to be a princess. 

When they both one night disappear and end up at the school. They both end up with a huge shock. Sophie ends up in the house of evil and Agatha ends up in the house of good. Which they both believe they are in the wrong schools. Agathia just wants to go home and take Sophie with her. But, it doesn't happen. 

Then, Sophie sees Tedros from across the room and chooses him as her prince. But, because he's not in her school he can't be. Her roommates tell her that evil girls can't have princes. It never works out. Sophie don't care. She's going to do everything she can to make sure it happens. He does see how pretty she is and notices that he's looking at her. 

Agatha, really knows that she doesn't belong. Some of the girls call her a witch. In some ways she believes she might be. She also knows that if she can go see the head master who's in a tower away from everyone else. That maybe he can help both her and Sophie get back home. 

Strange things happen between them and they don't stay friends. Sophie end up becoming evil and starts to gain witchy powers. Agatha tries to do what she can to save Sophie and all the others in the school. 

If you want to know what happens then, you need to read the book. Try something different, you might like it. 

Well, I'm off to start another book. Try and check out some of the older posts and you might see a new author or book you might want to read. 

Monday, January 23, 2023

Timekeeper by Tara Sim

 This is the first book in a steampunk fantasy series. It's set in a Victorian world about clocks that keep areas of London and other towns alive. Danny is a mechanic that goes and works on the clocks when there's a problem. He's been having some problems because of one of the clocks exploding and almost killing him. His father has been stuck in the town of Molton for the last three years and his mother hasn't been the same since. Problem him and his mother has been  having with each other is in some ways she blames him.

Cassie is a good friend of his and has been helping him keep his father's car running. Earlier in the day, The lead mechanic has sent him to the town of Enfield, The Colton tower. An apprentice is surposed to meet him there. After arriving he first doesn't see, then in the corner there's a blond boy standing there. What he doesn't know that the boy was the clock spirit. 

Danny has heard things about clock spirits but, had never seen one. It only took him twice to finally figure that out. The clock spirits name is Colton, just like the tower itself. 

Matthias was his dad's good friend and they would work together. He had fallen in love with a clock spirit and lost his job. Danny did feel bad about it. He still would go see Matthias to talk to him about things bothering him. 

When Danny heard that one of the clock towers had blown up. It reminded him of what happened to him. He keep thinking that some of the protesters were behind it, but he couldn't prove it. 

When he found some time, he would go see Colton and spend some time. He would tell Colton about lots of things. One day Colton kissed him and it surprised him but, also sent a chill through him. Danny knew that if he ever got caught he could get fired. 

Many things happen and the story is pretty fast paced. If you want to know how it ends you'll have to go pick up the book. It was really good. 

Well, I'm off to start a new book. Remember to pick up a great book.   

Monday, January 16, 2023

Heaven Official's Blessing by Tian Guan Ci Fu Vol. 1

 This book is a translated work from a web serial. It was turned into books. 

Xie Lian was a crown prince that did all he could to learn and study as much as possible. After being around for eight hundred year he ascended to godhood. He has done it about three times and it angered the other gods. He would end up leaving and only coming back when he had a question to ask. He didn't think that any of them would answer. 

Ling Wen came to him and asked him to check out what was going on in this town. So, back down to the mortal world he went. After listening to the people he knew he wouldn't be able to do it alone. So, back up he went to ask for help. 

No one said anything, so down he went. Sitting in a tea shop, two guys showed up. Nan Feng and Fu Yoa. They told Ling Wen that there to help but, they didn't like it. They would fight amoung themselves which was getting on Ling Wen's nerves. It took him a few times to get them to shut up. 

He told them, that he was going to dress up as a women in brides clothes. Because there was a green ghost taking them and know one knew where they were going. Then, this young girl told Ling Wen that she will help him. The make up was done so will, that people thought he was a she for real. It turned out that it really did work out quite will. 

You'll have to read this book to find out what really happens. Ling Wen did meet someone else later on. A young boy named San Lang and there was something strange about him that Ling Wen just couldn't figure out. Nan Feng and Fu Yoa knew there was something about that boy and they started paying lots of attention to that boy. Everything he does and even some of the strange things as will.

I'll just say this, it a very fast read. Quite interesting. Being I've never read a book like this before it will stay with me for awhile. 

Well, I'm off to start another book. Remember, to pick up a book. You might be surprised. It may be a new favorite. Have a good reading day. 

Sunday, January 1, 2023

Words of Radiance by Brandon Sanderson

 This is the second book the Stormlight archive series. Its a 1303 page book and I'm sorry it's taken me so long to read this.

Shallan and Jasnah are on a boat, on their way to the shattered plains. They are trying to get there to share their findings. Shallan is still studying all she can to figure out as much as she can to help Jasnah out. But, the trip is shortened when she hears noises coming from down the way and finds Jasnah on the floor and covered in blood. She knows that Jasnah is dead and she may be the next. She has to think fast and ends up destorying the ship by sinking it. 

She ends up on shore pretty much hurt and hardly being able to walk. She hears noises again and its a few wagons going the other direction then, where she wants to go. She talks the driver and the few other he's with into taking her to the shattered plains. She promises him to pay him when she arrives safely. 

Kaladin ends up becoming a guard with the rest of bridge four. In the process of that, the other bridge crews are offered jobs too. He knows that there are things he doesn't understand. Syl is still there trying to help him as much as possible. He is now protecting Dalinar and the king, whom he really doesn't like. He tries to keep his feelings out of his job as much as he can. 

He also spends so time trying to practice what he knows he can do. These things will probably come in handy as the days go by. His life has been hard for awhile and he's learning to not let things get to him.

Dalinar has still been having visions. For Dalinar, he knows that the Knight Radiants are coming back. Navini has been helping him figure this out with him. His life is going to change and he just doesn't know yet. Navini knows that her daughter will be coming tell she finds out that Jasnah is dead. 

Things are going to change and besides the war that they have been fighting for years now. 

I don't want to blow the whole book. It's really a good book. I even think it's better then, the first book. Read it, starting with the first one. 

I'm going to go start my next book. 

Revealed by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

This is the eleventh book in the house of night series. Zoey and her friends are stuck at the school. She's having some problems with un...