Thursday, April 22, 2021

The Black witch by Laurie Forest


This is the first book in the Black witch chronicles. Elloren is five years old when her uncle Edwin testest her with a wand to see if she has any magic. When something ends up happening her uncle pretty much says its a fluck. 

When she's older, her aunt Vyvian comes to visit and tells her that she's leaving to come stay with her for awhile and then, she can go to college. Rafe and Trystan are her brothers and they are heading to the same place as her. She has been told a few times that she looks like her grandmother who was the black witch. Whether that's a good thing or bad we'll just have to see. 

The night before she leaves, she sees Sara coming towards her. She holding a wand in her hand and gives it to her. Its called the wand of myth. What ever that means. 

Her aunt lives in Valgard and she's watching out the window as thing pass by. She had seen a Selkie and asked her aunt, which doesn't really want to explain any more then, that they are slaves. At her aunts house she see's a few Uricks who are workers. There are so many different races it hard for her to keep up. 

Fallon Bane is a fifth level mage and has a really bad attatude. I don't think she like Elloren much. That really shows when she meets Lukas Grey, a very handsome guy that her grandmother wants her to wandfast to. Which means she marries him. Which she has promised her uncle she won't for a few years. 

One day, she goes to church with her aunt and then, sees a few things and walks out of the church. When she does, she gets attacked by Icaral's. Then, to find out that she's got to stay with one in the tower.

I will warn you now that there are a like of prejudice and discrimination in this book. You wonder what's all going to happen next to Elloren and if she's ever going to make any friends. She does have one problem with a guy in the kitchen, that just hates her because of her looking like her grandmother. Yvan is very handsome and he just doesn't like Elloren seem to bother her. 

At the college, people just keep looking at her and some even do things to her to cause problems. She kisses Lukas once and all hell breaks loose when Fallon finds out. Things just seem to get bad. 

Whether, it gets any better You'll have to read the book. Being that this is only the first book in a series. I think you might get a hint that things continue. 

Its good. Hope you pick it up if you haven't yet. Remember to read a good book. You might just like it. 

Monday, April 12, 2021

Sanctum by Madeleine Roux


This is the second book in the Asylum series. Dan, Jorden and Abby are dealing with nightmares after coming back from their summer at Brookline. Dan got a letter from Felix's mom asking if he'd be willing to come and see her son. Something about him wanting to speak with Dan, did bother him after Felix trying to kill him. So, after telling his friends, he goes. Felix's mom comes and gets him. 

The long drive gets him thinking about the past and wondering what is really going on. When they arrive, Felix has been waiting patiently. Felix was mumbling and saying things about, follow them and other things that didn't make any since. He was also given a piece of paper with numbers on it. This wasn't making any since then, the thought came to Dan about the college. Oh hell, he thought. They are going to have to go back the where they didn't want to go. He knew his friends weren't going to be happy.

All three of them had to lie about where they were going or their parents wouldn't let them. They all have been having problems sleeping and having bad dreams. Their hope is that going back will help. 

Once they all arrive at the school, they meet a few of the people that will be guiding them to different places to check out. Mostly what Dan wanted to do was figure out what those numbers were and then, figure out what's going on with them. Jorden has always been smartest of the three of them and Dan knew he would figure it out. 

They were led into the area where they were going to eat lunch and something about this kid not far from them, was making Dan feel funny. Then, that kid started to say his full name, over and over again. Jorden was going through his phone and found out what the numbers meant. They were address's. They were going to have to find them and check out each one. But, they needed to figure out how to do it without getting noticed. They were being watched. 

They get away finally. Find the house and break into it. They go threw as much as they can. On the first floor they notice that someone is looking into the window wearing a red cap and hood, with a mask. Jorden notices that the shoes look like this kids, Cal's. They take off out of the house and back to the school. 

Later that night their in the library. Jorden was looking up things on the computer and found things about secret societies. It didn't make them feel good, then the computers shut down. That wasn't good and maybe someone wasn't wanting them to find out anything. 

Professor Reyes, is teaching a class in the Asylum. Dan's not sure what to make of her. 

In the long run things all come to the head. It may be a big mystery but, you'll have to read the book to find out if it get solved. Many thing are said and found out. It holds your attention. A real page turner. 

Well, now I'm off to start another book. Don't forget to enjoy a good book. It may change your life. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Bloodleaf by Crystal Smith


This the first novel in a new young adult series. I'll give this a great rating in my book. I enjoyed this book a lot. 

Aurelia is a princess In a city that's run by people that have set laws to kill witches and she is one. She, hasn't learned exactly how to harnish  it but, she knows that she can see the dead. She is going to be sent away to marry a prince from another kingdom. It had been set up since she was a baby. Her mother hopes that it will save her. 

Kellan is her protector and when Simon comes from Achleva. Her mother makes a deal with him to do magic that will keep her from dying. So, they prepare to do it and it will take three. Simon, her mother and Kellan all make a pact to do die in her place. 

Toris and his daughter Lisette are waiting on her, her brother and Kellan to show up at the meeting place they arranged. The horses were ready and so were they. What Aurelia didn't know was that things were about to take a really bad turn for her. Toris, decided he was going to kill her and Kellan. It didn't quite work out the way he thought. He did stab Kellan and he ended up in the water, She had finally got away on Kellan's horse, but she had a problem. After getting to the other city where the prince was, she couldn't get into the city because its protected by a spell. She didn't have the papers to get in any more.

Realizing she didn't have any money she needed to figure out what to do. She ended up getting into trouble, her horse was taken by a guy named Zan. She didn't know what else to do. She wondered around outside the gates until Zan offered to make her a deal and help her inside. She wasn't happy. She did finally take him up on it. 

She was bull headed and didn't want to do anything for him. After having some sleep and a meal, she needed to find a job. That didn't turn out as will. She got attacked by three men and ended up using Blood magic to cause them harm. Zan, saw what happened and his friend that was with him carried her to his home where his wife Katie helped nurse her back to health. 

Zan told her a story about someone trying to destroy the magic on the wall. He wants her to help him find a way to keep it from happening by using her magic. He shows her secret ways to not be scene, by using tunnels under the castle. She gets books to study with his help. There is also something going on between them, but she can't let that happen not yet. So she ignores it. 

Bad things do happen, can she tell him who she really is. Because he only knows her as someone else. She also doesn't know that he really is the prince. 

The story is fast pasted. Makes you wonder what's going to happen next. I love a page turner just as much as anyone else. Try the book. 

Well, I'm off to start another book. Remember to pick up a good book, it may become a new favorite. 

Tuesday, March 30, 2021

The curse of Misty Wayfair by Jaime Jo wright


This is book has two time lines. About 100 years difference. 

Thea Read vowed to find her mother so She's come to Pleasant Valley, Wisconsin. She meets Rose and Simeon Coyle who have their sister Mary's photo taken after she dies. Later on, she meets Mr. Amos who owns a photo studio and asks if she can work for him so she can pay for her room and board. Things become weird when she starts to here stories about the ghost of Misty Wayfair. 

One night while looking into the forest and listening to the water in the stream she sees something in the woods. Like, a mist or something she can't make out. Things in this small town aren't making since and she decides to check it out. First place is the asylum. She wants to know why it was built and if her mom was ever a patient there. 

She get promession to look through papers. But, does she find the truth.

Heidi Lane gets a letter from her mom telling her to come home. She isn't sure she should after not being home for quite some time and her sister Vicki isn't easy to deal with. Partly because her family has always been church going people and she never really believed it for herself. 

She shows up in town and heads for her families lodge. She's not sure how her sister is going to take it when she just shows up. Being they don't really get along and she has some problems with getting into trouble some what. She knows it just has to do with, she knew she was different. 

Things around her become weird when her room at the lodge gets broken into, then, there's a fire in one of the cabins she's in. Where her sister tells her to leave. In the process, she meets Emma, Rhett and their mom who takes her in and is willing to help her find out what is really going on. She finds out from her mom with help from Rhett that she's really a Coyle. 

This is when the story really starts to get good. You'll have to read the book if you want to know how it ends. I will tell you this, its a good book. 

Tell next time, remember to read a good book. You never know, you might just find one that draws you in and won't let you go tell you finish it. 

Sunday, March 21, 2021

House by Ted Dekker and Frank Peretti


This is one oh my god book. A mix of horror and thriller. It makes want to know what's going to happen next. I will say this, I was surprised how this book started and went all the way through to the end. Plus, I've not read a book that brings evil and good together quite like this. 

Jack and Stephanie are trying to get to Montgomery. They end p lost and run into a cop. The cop asks them where their headed and Jack tells them. The cop gives them directions and the leave to follow. Down the road some distance from where they had come their tires are blown out from under them. 

Both, Jack and Stephanie are married but, have been having problems. That will just cause more problems with them in the long run. They begin to walk down the road, tell they say a house that says inn on a sign. Thinking that they can use the phone they head for the door. Once inside they meet two other people, Leslie and Randy. They tell Jack and her that the same thing has happened to them and they came upon this house. But, they haven't found a phone. 

After looking around some, they get surprised by finding out that there are three other people in the house. Betty, Stewart and Pete. To all four of them, these three seem a little odd. Boy, is that an under statement. Betty is creating dinner or it seems like that. When they sit down to the table, they realize that the food is crawling. After that, all hell breaks out. 

A few minutes later a can is thrown through the window and inside it, there's a note. It reads, ' Give me one body.' To the four of them its really weird. Randy asks Betty what's going on and she says, ' all sinners must die.' They all take off running. But, just before that. Betty worns them not to go into the basement. 

There is so much going on in this book. I can't give you to much. But, I need to worn you. This book will make you wonder if something like this could really happen and what the hell would you do in their place. Some of the decisions made will shock you and make you think, what the hell are they thinking. Read the book if you dare. 

Well, I'm off to start my next book. Remember to read a good book. You never know when the book might just change your life or who you are. 

Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Magic Hour by Kristin Hannah

 Dr. Julia Cates is a child psychiatrist. She is heading to court over a case of a girl shooting and killing a few kids. She knows she should have seen it coming but, she didn't. The judge through the case against her out. That doesn't stop her from thinking that maybe it was. She tells one of the families she's sorry but, knows that's not really going to help them.

Ellen Barton is Julia's sister and chief of police in the town of Rain Valley Washington. Its a small town. Cal and Peanut call Ellen to tell her that they have a problem and that she should get down to the park. She wants to know what's going on but, they tell her she needs to come and see for herself. 

When she gets there. There's a dirt and very young girl in the tree on a limb and she's holding a wolf cub. Ellen can't believe her eye. She's not even sure how she got there. Doesn't know who she belongs to but, needs to find out where she comes from. 

Dr. Max Cerrasin is the doctor that exams the girl when she is finally brought in. They have to strap her down to keep her from hurting others or even herself. She's so small and dirty they have to clean her up some. Looks like she's been abused and tied up. 

Ellen makes a call to her sister Julia. Explaining that she's needed her in her home town and that she's the only one that could help this girl. Julia's not so sure. After what's she's gone through. But, she packs up and travels there. When she shows up. The first thing she wants to do is see the girl. 

Ellen has her meet Max. He fills her in on what he knows and she goes and looks in on the girl. She curled up on the bed and still strapped down. She tells Max that they need to move her some where else. So, she can get to work. Julia knows that this may take awhile. Ellen's job is to see if she can find her family. They are calling the girl, the wolf girl. 

After moving the girl, she attacks Julia and has to be given a shot. Julia is a little upset over it but, know she needs to figure out how to get through to the girl. 

It does take time. Its vey slow. Ellen and Julia decide to name the girl Alice. Ellen has had a few press conferences. It hasn't helped find out who she is. Tell one day a guy walks into the police station. Telling them that he's the girls father and that her name is Brittney. 

Being that this is happening, Julia knows that she may lose Alice to her father. 

I'll add this, this book was sad, happy and some very sweet moments. You'll have to read the book to find out how it ends. This is my first time reading this author. The writing and story was very will done.

Well, I'm off to start my next book. Remember to pick up a good book and read it. 

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Midnight sun by Stephenie Meyer


This book is another twilight but, its in Edward's perspective. He tells his side of the story. Bella is still there though. You get to see through his eyes and hear all his thoughts. 

I will say this to all those that are huge fans of the original story. You might see that Edward seems to act and seem like he's obsessive when it comes to Bella. In many ways he is. He doesn't understand at first why he's so interested in her, when he's wanting to take her life. It comes down to how strong her smell is. 

When Edward first sees Bella, the first thing that goes right to him is her smell. Its like a drug to him. His thoughts were bothering me. His thinking about ways to kill everyone in the classroom just to get to her. It is sort of crazy. His thoughts don't make since to me at times. 

After him and Emmett go hunting for three days, he finally goes back to school to face her. He's not sure he's going to be able to control himself, but he wants to find out. Plus, the other thing that is bothering him is, he can't hear her thoughts. He can everyone else's but not hers. He tries very hard to ask questions so that he can figure her out and ends up being wrong at times. The conversation is strained because of him not knowing what she thinks. 

He can't tell her any truths, at least not yet. After the almost death of her from getting squished by the van. He tries to avoid the her questions. 

The other thing that peaks his cerousity is how many questions she seems to know the answer too. Things he says to her just makes it seem like he's from a different time and she becomes more interested in him. 

His interdialongue is interesting to read. Makes a lot of things that had gone on in the orignal book come to light more. Some people may not like the book or think that its just to much. You'd have to figure that out on your own. Read the book, it might give you some answers but, it could also not make you happy to read how he is really. 

Well, I'm off to start another book. Come back and see what I add next. Have a read day and remember to read a good book. It could brighten up you day. 

The Black witch by Laurie Forest

  This is the first book in the Black witch chronicles. Elloren is five years old when her uncle Edwin testest her with a wand to see if she...