Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Postmortem by Patricia Cornwell

First of all this is an older book and the first one in a series of books that Patricia Cornwell has written. If you haven't read any of her books yet, this one will grab you and you'll want to read it tell you finish it.
   Kay Scarpetta is the Medical examiner of Richmond, Virginia. She's took over after the other one died. Early one morning she's called to a murder of a woman. So far, there had been three others and this case was starting to get to her. She and the cops had no leads and the public was getting worried. Marino the cop in charge was starting to act like he knew who was doing the killings as Kay walked into the house to take a look at the body.
   Abby Turnbull is a news reporter and has been writting about the murders for the last month or so. Kay didn't really know her that will and Abby can turn into a pest if Kay didn't watch what she was doing.
   Lucy is Kay's niece and has been staying with Kay for awhile. Being that Lucy's mom seems to think that her daughter is not someone she spends much time with.
   Amburgey is the police commisioner and is watching Kay. Things start to happen around Kay's office and she knows that if she makes to many mistakes she could lose her job. She can't find out who the killer is because of the things going on. As time passes, Marino starts taking her to the scenes of the crime after the crimes.
   Things start to add up and they, Kay, Abby and another guy that kay works with end up coming up with a great idea to catch the killer.
   Well, I'm not giving away the ending. If you want to know what happens, read the book. It's worth it if you haven't. Now I'm off to start reading my next book. Remember to keep coming back to see what other books I've read and what others I'll add to my blog here. I hope you at least have gone out and picked up at least one of the books listed on here to read for yourself. Books are a great way to escape what's going on in this busy world of ours. Enjoy reading a good book, because I did.
   I'm off to start another book.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Thr3e by Ted Dekker

Wow, If I was to give this book a rating. It would be off the chart. This book isn't like anything I've ever read. It's good and will hold you in it, tell you finish it.
   Kevin Parson is a guy with problems. Grew up in a house where his aunt was someone that created a world of her own and for everyone else in the house. She didn't want Kevin to know what the real world was like.
   Things for Kevin take an interesting twist. He gets a call that theres a bomb in his car. To save himself he gets somewhere where it wouldn't do any damage at all. After that, he is taken for a ride. He is told riddles that he has to complete before another bomb is set off.
   Kevin calls his childhood sweetheart Sam and tells her what's going on. She tells him that she'll be right there and she will help him.
   A FBI agent comes into the picture. Her name is Jennifer. Over the course through the book, Jennifer starts to care for Kevin.
   The bad guy is Slater. Surposely he's been waiting just for the right time to hurt both Kevin and Sam. Slater sets up everything and in the end he brings Kevin to his knees. Weakening him and until Kevin deside that he wants to kill Slater.
   The ending to this book is something the will surprise you. I will tell you to read this book, because its that good. I don't give out endings to the books that I've read. I want you to read the book so that you will find out how it ends on your own.
   I'll just say this is a book worth your while to read. The shocking end will be nothing you would ever suspect. Its very good. Enjoy this one.
   Well, I'm off not to start my next book. I'll try to add more books sooner, but there have been things I've needed to do in my life. But, I'll keep adding more books as I finish them. Keep reading my blog and if you haven't already, go to some of the older posts and read them as will. There are series that I haven't finished reading yet and if you have been following my blog you'll want to see what is coming next.
   Good reading to you all. Tell next we meet.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Physick book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe

This book is interesting to read. It's not bad, a little slow to start with but, picks up as read farther into the book.
   Connie Goodwin is a coolege student working on her Ph.d. One of her profeesors by the name of Manning Chilton and her advisor is giving her a oral exam. But, there's also something about him that does seem to rub Commie the wrong way.
    Later in the day, Connie's mom Grace calls and asked her to take a trip to her grannies house. As of arriving Connie notices that the house is covered in vines and over grown grass.
   Parts of this book is about Connie and the things that goes on with her. Also, the book takes you back to 1700's and the witch trials. It gives you a very good look and part of the reason they happened. But, with Connie she is a decendent of one of them, her name is Deliverance Dane.
   As Connie starts to work on the old house she finds a key and Deliverance's name on a piece of paper. This becomes a search for a shadow book. It also brings professer Chilton into what she's doing and his need for the book.
   Connie meets a guy named Sam. Because of this, Sam ends up almost dying.
   Well, that's all I'm telling you. If you want to know what goes in. You'll have to pick up the book and read it. I'm off to reading my next book. Tell next time. Enjoy a good book.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Hunted by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Well, this the fifth book in the house of night series. If you have been reading them or have read them you would say that so far this book is the best in the whole series so far. Yes, I know there are two other books out there that I haven't read. All together there are probably going to be 9 books altogether.
   Zoey and her friends have escape the house of night for thier lives. Down in the tunnels with the red fledglings and her best friend Stevie Ray they seem to be safe. While Zoey is sleeping the fallen angle Kalona's is getting into her dreams. He calls her A ya which Zoey knows that it means he thinks that she's the one that entrapped him the first.
  Erik is having a hard time when it concerns Zoey and becomes very jealous over Heath showing up. Zoey tries to get in between them when problems arise. She had told Erik that she will be his girlfriend again. But, she has conflicting feelings about him.
   When Zoey get hurt by one of the raven monkers, she has no choice but to go back to the house of night. But, she doesn't go by herself. Her friends go with her. As she said the more power you have to fight evil the better it will be. But with Kalona and Neferet there she needs to be careful.
   She meets Stark again, in the process of attacking one of the girls. She knew that she had to do something about him. What she did was get him to see that what he's doing is wrong. He's one of the red fledgling. Zoey also knows that there had been something between them. For Zoey guys seem to be a problem for her. She knows that she has feelings for Stark.
   I not going to blow the ending to this book for those who haven't yet read this book. My opinion is this book is really good. I'm looking forward to seeing what's going to happen to Zoey next. I just hope that I don't get disappointed by the end of the series.
   Well, I'm off to start a new book. I hope you will try and read this book. I know series like this can take some time to finish. Stay with me. I'm reading some pretty good books so far. Glad you are enjoying reading my blog. Tell next time, read a good book on me.