Friday, April 15, 2016

Destined by P.C.Cast and Kristin Cast

This is the ninth book in the house of night series. Zoe and her friends are going back to the school. They aren't sure what will really happen after they get there. But they know that Neferet was put back in charge. Stark, who is Zoe's warrior and lover, has been having bad dreams. He really hasn't been his self since what happened in the otherworld.

Rephaim was a raven mocker tell Nyx accepted him as changed for the things that had happened. Him and Stevie Ray have been together ever since. The whole group are still living at the depot. But they still needed to go to school. They wished they didn't have to.

Aurox is something other then human. He listens to Neferet. He does what she tells him to do. Besides he turns into a bull that would kill anything that gets in his way. Zoe has been wearing this red jeweled neckles around her neck and when they arrive at the school, it begins to burn her skin when she is close to Aurox. She doesn't understand it but, she's going to figure it out.

Neferet had gotten Aurox to go talk to Dallas that was the head of the evil red fledgling. They were to come to the school and stay. They were going to have to abide to some of the rules but, they were also needing to feed. Neferet didn't care about that, she just hoped that they would cause trouble.

Kolona is still around but, he wants his son back.He finally flies to the depot to speak with him. Even thought he says he's not with Neferet any more. The group is going to have a hard time with it.

Thanatos comes to the school. She's from the high counsel. She's there to find out the truth of what really is going on with Neferet. Thanatos has an affinity with death and has offered Zoe and her friends to find out the truth about what happened to Zoe's mom. But Neferet doesn't want the truth to come out and makes a deal with darkness to have it stopped. Aurox was trying to change but, because of Neferet's sacrifice he has no control over what ends up happening.

I'm not going to give up the ending. You'll have to pick up the book and read it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016

City of bones by Cassandra Clare

This is the first book in the mortal instruments series. Clary and Simon get into a club in town. Their plan is to dance and have fun. But Clary's life is about to change like she hasn't known before. The club that they were in had some strange looking people that come to it. She'd been watching this boy with blue hair for a little while. He then noticed a girl all in white. She was quite stunning. Clary moved through the crowd. Simon told her he was going to go get something to drink. Clary's attention was some where else. She followed the boy and he was heading straight over to where the girl was heading.

Clary noticed that the girl wasn't alone there were two guys with her. She could see everything that was going on. What she didn't expect was what was going to happen next. The guy with the blond hair used some kind of sword and killed the boy with the blue hair with it. She screamed and the guy looked right at her. Simon had then, found her and asked her what was going on. She told Simon. After Simon got the guard and they didn't find anything, they left. Clary and Simon caught a cab back to her house.

The next morning her mom was a little upset with her. She wanted to speak with her. Luke was there because they brought in art supplies. Simon had called Clary to say he was heading over there and was wondering about going to see his friends poetry reading at the coffee house. She was just about to walk out the door when her mom asked if she'd not go. Just then, the door opened and Simon walked in, scaring her mom to death.

She left with Simon, not thinking that this would be the last time she would see her mom in awhile. At the coffee house she saw that guy she saw at the club, the one that killed that boy. She was so bothered by what she had seen that she left the coffee house to speak to him.

He was a little rude and ached like he didn't seem to care about what she was wanting to know. He just kept saying that there were things she just didn't want to know about. Clary told him that she could see everything that happened.

Clary found out what demons were because one tried to kill her. She found out that there were shadowhunters that killed demons to protect the humans that lived in this world. She found out so many things that it could have been more then she could have taken. But she dealt with things one thing at a time.

She meets Alec and Isabelle. Finds out the boys name is Jace. Meets Hodge's who runs the place they were staying at. Finds out about Valetine and that he wants the mortal cup. By the end of the book you learn that Valentine is Clary's dad and Jace's dad. Which means they are brother and sister.

But over all, I don't want to give to much away because you will have to get the book and read it.
And by the way, they did make it into a movie but, I'll say this, the book isn't anything like the movie. They also made a series for television. I've always figured that books are better then movie and this one meets that greatly.