Thursday, July 14, 2016

Return to Tradd street by Karen White

This is the fourth book in the Tradd street series. If you haven't read any of these books. I think you should because they are quite good.

Melanie Middleton is Pregnant with Jack's kid. He had asked her to marry him but, she said no. In many ways she still loves Jack but, isn't sure he loves her. That's one of the main reasons she said know. She's been having her friend Sofie fix up the house. Now its the foundation that needs fixed. She's been spending money left and right to get the house where it was once.

At night though she's been hearing a baby cry but because of the pregnancy she can't see anything. She also figured that there was another ghost that's not so happy about something. Then, in the morning her contractor tells her that they've found bones of a baby and a white babies gown. This isn't good. The cops have to be called. Finding out who the baby is, isn't going to be easy. But there is much more to this then Melanie doesn't know.

Jack has decided to help Melanie with finding out the truth, which means paying Yvonne a visit. She gets a call from the person that's been in charge of the estate. A couple named the Gilbert's are saying they have a claim on the house but, only if they can get the DNA of the baby and Nevil's. That would mean digging up his body.

There has also been some ghostly things going on. There had been some accidents and Jack has been a little concerned about her safety and the babies. Then, when seeing my doctor she tell me that I'm having twins. It just knocks Melanie out of sorts.

Nola and Jack fighting doesn't help things. Nola asks if she can stay with her and she says yes. Then, Melanie has a series problem and her doctor tells her she has to stay in bed tell the babies come. With Nola and Jack and her mother helping she has nothing to worry about.

She still needs to find out what the ghost wants and her mother says she'll help but only after the babies are born.

A few months go by and she finally has her twins, A boy and girl.

But if your wanting to know what happens in the end you'll have to read the book. I'll tell you this. The DNA comes back. Does Melanie lose her house? Does she get back together with Jack and excepts to marry him? All these things get answered, You'll have to read book.

I love this series and can't wait to see if another one is written.

Saturday, July 2, 2016

All you desire by Kirsten Miller

This is the second book in the eternal ones series. I think also its the last but, you never know what an author might write later.

Iain Morrow and Haven Moore are in Rome after the fire was surposed to have killed Iain. Adam Rosier had tired to in prison her but, Iain saved her. Adam is evil and Haven is glad that they are a long ways away. Haven has been looking for Iain for quite some time. She also knows now that she loves him. She just hopes that Adam doesn't find out that Iain's still alive.

Beau Decker is Haven's best friend. She gets a message on her phone from him, saying Pan Panich , which means he's in trouble. She knows that he had gone to New York to meet his soul mate. Haven didn't think that anything was going to happen or she hoped nothing would.

She knew that if you goes back to New York, Adam would know she's there. There had to be some way to find her friend without having to face him. Her friend Leah called and told Haven that she needs to find a woman surrounded by smoke. Leah is someone that can see the future.

They make it to New York, Haven needs to find Phoebe. Phoebe is part of a group of women that has been trying to trap Adam for a long time. When Haven is told that she needs to be the one to make Adam fall for her and that she has to be the one to trap him, At first she's not sure if she can. She knows that he has had a thing for her for a very, very, very long time.

When she tells Iain what she plans on doing. He's not very happy about it. Iain knows that trying to change her mind isn't going to work. She leaves to go see Adam.

Adam isn't surprised when he sees Haven. But wants to know why she's there. She tells him that her friend Beau is missing and she needs help. Adam tells her he's flattered. He tells her he'll make a few phone calls. But he's still surprised to her and that she asked for his help.

Adam explains that he's trying to change and also change the society he belongs too. At first Haven wasn't sure if she should believe him.

As time goes by, Haven and Iain do what they need too. But Haven starts to question herself. Not sure if she can believe what Phoebe had told her about her needing to imprison Adam. She almost makes the decision not to do it. Tell she finds out the truth of who had Beau. Phoebe and her group had him all along.

But what happens you'll have to pick up the book and read it. I'll say its very good and worth reading.