Friday, March 11, 2011

The secret circle #1 by L. J. Smith

This is a two in one book. The Initiation and the captive part one.
Cassie is a fifteen years old girl visiting Cape cod with her mother. She's been on the beach with a friend and they see a guy walking along the beach with his dog. Something about this guy catches Cassie's eyes as she watching him walk towards them. But, when her friend sees him, she runs off to tell some friends of hers. Cassie is now alone and decides to take a walk up the beach.
Some time later that guys comes back walking quite fast like he's running away from someone. She helps him hide. Later, she is talking to the guys that are looking for the other one and lies by telling them that she's seen him go off a certain way. By the time those guys are gone the other guy comes out to thank her. Giving her a piece of quarts rock and saying that you. But, there something there she sinces between them but, he leaves.
Cassie's mom tell her that they won't be going back home. She had decided that they would go stay with her mother and Cassie's grandma. New Salem is a island and Cassie didn't know what to make of it. she just wanted to go home. But, this was something her mother wanted and what Cassie was going to have to deal with would change a lot thinga for her.
Cassie meets a girl by the name od Diana and they become friends. She also meets a not so nice girl by the name of Faye. There are plenty of kids in this little group. She learns that she's going to be apart of them and they call themselves witches. She also meet that guy again and this time he has a name, Adam. What she doesn't know then is that there is a connection there between them and that someone has been watching them, Faye.
Faye then wants to black mail Cassie because of it. Cassie also has been noticing that there had been a few murders in town. She doesn't know what's going on yet.
As with all of L. J. smith's books I've read, they grab you from the start and make you want to continue to read and read tell you finish it. This is only the first two books in the series so not even I know how its going to end yet. Its worth reading on my part. I llove a good story and this is one of them,
Well, I'm off to the next book. remember to keep coming back to see what I read next. go back and look at older posts as will.


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  4. I remember reading this years ago, when it first came out along with The Vampire Diaries and her other series. And even though it's been a while since I've read them, I still remember how I enjoyed them quite a bit. Maybe I'll re-read them at some point later this year, maybe. Sometime during the summer and re-visit that time again when all I did was laze around and read. :)

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  5. I have never read this book, but my daughter has. Since I started reviewing books, I am now going to read more YA since this is what she likes, it will be a great way to communicate with her!

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