Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Night world #2 by L. J. Smith

A 3 in 1 book worth reading.
Dark Angel--- Gillian Lennox was walking home from school one day, it was cold and snow was on the ground. She heard in the distance a voice screaming and thought that it was a kid drowning in the small river that was through the trees. What she didn't know was that it was something all together different. It was an angel but not a good one. It saved her from almost drowning in the river. Her thoughts were that she was happy she met that angel tell things started to happen.
    It took her time to figure out that she needed to do something about that angel. Things that it told her to do were not all the good.
     The Chosen--- When Rachel was a little kid she saw her whole family get murdered by a vampire. So when she got older she became a vampire hunter. That's when day her and some other vampire hunters meet a vampire named Quinn and end up tying him up. He talks to Rachel trying to tell her to go ahead and kill him. But something inside Rachel ends up letting him go. She sort of feels a strange connection to him.
    Her other vampire hunters don't trust her any more because of it.
    A few days later she ends up watching a site happen right in front of her. She saves this girl by the name of Daphne. Finding out some information and getting herself taken to an island. Quinn is there and at first doesn't know who she is.
    Things end up happening and in the end they end up together.
    Soulmate---- Hannah Snow knew that was something about her that she didn't understand. She also knew that something or someone was trying to kill her. With the help from a doctor she's been seeing she has regression theropy done and learns that she's lived many other different lifes. She also knows that there was more to that. She needed some answers tell one day a vampire by the name of Thierry comes and sees her.
    Hannah finds out about the night world and decides to go looking for Thierry. An evil vampire comes calling as will her name is Maya. She tells Hannah that this Thierry is a bad vampire and to stay away from him. Because of that he leaves because he tells him to. She goes looking for him.
    Maya kidnaps her after finding her where Thierry is and meets other vampires and night people hiding out for protection. Because in the night world vampires and other kinds that live in it aren't surposed to fall in love with humans.
    That doesn't stop Hannah from finding out the truth about her and Thierry and she knows deep down that they are surposed to be together.
    This book and the first one are a great read. Pick them up and you'll like them just as much as I have. L.J. Smith is a great writer.
    Tell next time, continue to pick up these and other great books and read, read, read.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Host by Stephenie Meyer

Melanie Stryder ends up almsot dying and becomes a host to something that is surposed to take control of her mind and body. But, Melanie doesn't want to just fade away. So, wonderer has some problems and with Melanie's help they go searching for her relatives.
    Jared the guy that melanie loves is there and knows that the thing inside her head isn't Melanie and they hold her like a hostage. Jamie her brother is there and ends up treating the wonderer like a person then a thing. Jeb, her other relation helps out. Finally, they all try to trust her. It takes time and she has a few that aren't happy that thier there. Melanie tries to communcate with Jared to let him know that she is still there in her body.
   After some time and effort they start letting her help them out. Things end up happening and the wonderer has to make a choice for herself. She decides to give Melanie her body back and would rether die then stay around.
   Ian a younger guy in the group starts calling her Wanda and also ends up falling in love with Wanda. He doesn't want to let her die so things end up happening to make her stick around.
   Read the book, Its much different then the authors Twilight series. Give the book a chance you never know you might get into it. I will say it took me a little while to get into it but I think its worth reading.
   Well, I'm off to start another book. Hope you try to read different kinds of books. That's what I'm going to try to share with you as this blog gets building up more. Each post I hope you will enjoy.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Betrayed by P. C. Cast & Kristin Cast

This is the second book in the house of night series and it just gets much better. Zoey Redbird has made friends that are willing to help her out when theres trouble. In the process she ends up in a head to head confertation with the High Preistess of the house of night. Zoey knows that's theres something wrong with her and she isn't quite sure.
   When two boys from one of the high schools disappear and turn up dead the cops come knocking on Zoey's door to ask questions about what she knows. She can't answer any questions because she has no answers yet.
    She has so much on her mind and the first full moon ritual is just around the corner for the Dark Daughters and sons. She has to lead it. Taking a trip up to the media center she ends up being interupted by Loren Blake. He's a vamp that's quite handsome beyond anything she's seen in a man before. But, something inside her tells her that theres more going on between her and him then she thinks when they end up meeting another time under her tree.
    When it comes to her ex-boyfriend Heath. She runs into him when she takes a trip away from the school. Because of the bloodlust she seems to be having. Something ends up happening to her and heath. Imprinting becomes the one thing that ends up saving his life in the long run.
    The sad thing though is the death of her best friend Stevie Rae. But, is it for real.
    Only reading this book can tell you all the answers and much more. So, tell next time, read for yourself a good book. You never know it might just grab you and make you want to read more and more.
    Well, I'm off to start my next book. Like, I've said before, Come back and check and see what book I add next.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Dark Visions by L. J. Smith

A 3 in 1 book.

Kaitlyn has been trying to deal with her life at school and the abilities that she has. She gets called to the office to be interduced to Joyce Piper. She's from the Zetes foundation and there will be a few other kids there as will.     Once at the new house she meets Lewis Chao, He had been taking pictures. She meets Anna Eve Whiteraven they talk about the different thing they are able to do. Anna can speak with animals, Lewis has pschokinesis or PK for short. With Kaitlyn she draws pictures of things that are going to happen. Next, she meets Rob Kessler he can heal someone with his touch.
    They end up meeting Mr. Zetes the founder of thier project. Then, she meets Gabriel Wolfe.A guy with a bad attitude.
    As time goes on they start thier training in trying to use thier powers. See, if they stay there for a year they each get a good sum of money to use for college.
    Kaitlyn finds out that Mr. Zetes is crazy and has his own plans for them and thier powers. One night when she was alone she finds out that theres is a place that she needs to go. Like, something is calling her.
    So, Anna, Lewis, Rob Gabriel and her runaway from the house. She knows that when it comes to Gabriel theres something about him that she needs to be careful about. Tell one night she couldn't sleep and catches him taking energy from someone else and tells him that he can use her instead. Gabriel can kill someone if he takes it from someone that's weaker then him.
    Along the way, they end up meeting Mr. Zetes daughter who ran away from home. But, because of thier search they do end up finding these people but they can't help them. The only way that things could get back to normal is to face Mr. Zetes again.
    The whole book, the three, are worth reading so you can find out what really happens to them and the things that Kaitlyn has to face danger, choose who she really cares for and loves in the end. Everything is here for a good book and worth picking up and reading.
    Well, I'm off to start another book. Keep coming back, you never know what I'll add next. Remember to read a good book as often as you can.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Smoke Screen by Sandra Brown

 Britt Shelley wakes up in bed nude with detective Jay Burges laying next to her. What she doesn't know right off is that he's dead. How and why it ended up that way she can't remember. She calls 911 and the cops show up. She tries to explain it to them that she can't remember. But, they don't believe her.
     Raley Gannon ends up kidnapping her to get information from her about what happened to her. But, because she doesn't remember anything she can't tell him nothing. She isn't to happy about being kidnapped. She knows who he is and knows that he lost his job because of the same thing happened to him.
     He decides to let her go. Driving back to her car and dropping her off as she leaves and Raley takes off heading back home he gets this feeling that something is wrong. So, he turns around and go after her. He at one time was a fireman and investagator. So, when he notices from a distance that her car had gone off the road and into the river. He had no choice but to dive in and save her.
     They both realize that theres something big going on and they decide to work together. But, what Raley never exspected to happen ends up happening. He starts to care about her. He also knows that if they continue to go the way they are going thier lives could end up in grave danger.
    The whole book is worth reading. It will grab you from the first chapter and make you want to continue to read it. The ending will surprise you. You'll like it.
    So, pick it up and read the book. You won't want to put it down tell you reach the end.
     Well, tell we meet again, enjoy your reading.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Breaking Dawn by Stephenie Meyer

 The fourth and final book in the Twilight series is also the longest book. Edward had asked Bella to marry him and they end up having that very special wedding with Alice's help. Edward won't tell her where thier going for thier honeymoon. But, its a beautiful place when they get there.
    Plus, they had made a deal before they got married and that was to try to have sex at least once. But, what they didn't think would end up happening, does happen. Bella gets pregnant. Its not just any normal pregnancy either. The baby is going to be special. When they find out, Bella talks to Carlisle and they head back home. They need to figure out what to do. But, Bella decides to talk with Rosalie and when they get back to the house she becomes Bella's protector.
   With Bella being pregnant, and the baby growing faster then normal, Carlisle is worried that it could harm Bella more then anything. Plus, The Cullens have another problem. The werewolves find out about Bella and Jacob ends up leaving the pack to become Bella's and the Cullens protectors from Sam and his pack.
    Throughout the whole series, Bella has been wanting to become a vampire so she can live and love and be with edward forever.  In the amount of time that Bella is pregnant, Edward and Carlisle have a plan to do what ever it takes to make sure that Bella survives. The only way that she's going to survive is for Edward to work as fast as he can to give her as much venom as possible so that she does survive and is turned.
    But, another problem arrises and they need to get as many friends of thiers together to witness for the Cullens. Because the Volturi are coming and to survive them they will need everyone to stand with them that they can.
   Will there be a happy ending for Bella and Edward? Will you will just have to read the book to find out. The 754 page book will take you from the first page to the last page wanting to know what is going to happen next. So, read the book.
   Tell we meet again, enjoy a good book.

Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Summoning by Kelley Armstrong

Chloe Saunders thought her life was normal tell she started seeing ghosts. Because she was seeing ghosts her aunt Lauren and father have the doctors put her in a home for kids with mental problems. What she finds outs is that she's not just seeing them but she can talk to them.

Chloe meets the other teenagers that are staying in the house with her. Simon and Derek are brothers. Tori is the girl that gives her a slight problem or two. Just because she gets jealous over Chloe.

The doctor that she has to see, tells Chloe that she has Schizophrenia and she knows that the doctor is wrong. Derek ends up helping her find out what she really is and she does research on the internet and in reading it says she's a necromancer. Which means that she can really talk and see ghosts.

What Chloe finds out about Derek is that he's a werewolf and he helps her and Simon exscape from the house. Only then to get caught by Chloe's aunt Lauren that takes them to a clinic. The boys aren't with them, just Chloe knows that her ex roommate is there some where and she's stuck in a locked room and can't get out right now.

This is the first book in a new series that's interesting to read. Like I've said before. We should always try and read new authors and you never know what you may just enjoy reading. But, everyone has different interests, I know that.

The book is will written and worth reading. As I keep reading different books by different authors, I seem to find certain authors better and more to my liking. This book by this author is just one of those.

Well, I'm off to start my next book. Tell we meet again. Remember to find a good book and read it.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Kissed by an angel by Elizabeth Chandler

This is a three in one book. It has Kissed by an angel, The power of love and Soulmates.

Ivy believes in angels and has been collecting them for awhile. She falls in love with Tristan and had been with him with an accident ends up happen and he dies. Ivy is very sad and ends up not believing in angels again. She doesn't know that Tristan has come back as an angel.

Her mom ends up marrying someone that has a son by the name of Gregory. Gregory isn't what he seems and Ivy doesn't realize it for quite awhile.

Tristan meets an unlikely angel named Lacey and she decides to help him out. He still loves Ivy and wants to keep her safe. Philip is Ivy's little brother and most of those angels she had went to him.

Gregory becomes good friends with Ivy and wants more then she's able to give him. He becomes jealous of her. In the end Tristan knows that he need to do what ever he can to protect Ivy from Gregory.

She's still in love with Tristan tell she meets Erik. Erik tries to do his best just to be her friend but would love for it to be more.

This is a cute book. A little slow at first but as you continue to read it, it picks up and you want to find out how it ends. So, go out and get the book. Open up your mind and read it. You might just be pleasantly surprised by the ending.

Well, off to start another book. Keep coming back. Like I said before, you never know what will be added next.
Tell we meet again, stick your nose in a good book.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Marked by P. C. Cast & Kristin Cast

This is the first book in the house of night series. To me this series is just a little bet better the the Twilight series in my opinion.

Zoey Redbird get marked by a tracker is has to move into the house of night. Because her parents want to be a certain way towards she ends up sneaking out and heading for her grandma's house. The High preistess of the house of night Zoey meets her name is Neferet. To Zoey Neferet is very pretty for being a vampyre.

She meets her roommate Stevie Rae. Too, Zoey the place is different and things for her are just starting. Over all, the goddess Nyx marked Zoey special and things end up happening to her as you read more and more into the book.

Stevie Ray interduces Zoey to her friends that share a table together. Erin, Damien and Shaunee. Erin and Shaunee are called the twins. Damien is gay and very smart. Zoey meets one other girl that has a really bad attitude. Her name is Aphrodite. Blond and good looking. She is the head of the dark daughters and sons. She gets invited to one of the rituals and things start to happen to her.

She can feel the wind, fire, earth, water and spirit as thier cast into the circle. She also meets Erik Night, a very nice and handsome guy. He ends up wanting to date her.

Read the book, I think you'll like it. Its a great read in my book. If your into vampyres and liked the Twilight series then you'll like this book.

On a different note, If you have been reading my blog you may have guessed that I like good books as will as vampires books. Most of the books I've been reading are books written for teenagers. But, sometimes I do read other things. Don't give up on reading my blog it can only get better as I continue to read.

Right now, I'm playing catch up on the books I've already read and I am still reading as I go. Soon, I will be caught up and then the blog will be added to as I finish each book I read.

Enjoy your reading and I hope you try these books I write about on here. Tell we meet again, happy reading.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Eclipse by Stephenie Meyer

Bella had come back from saving Edward and her dad Charlie grounds her. To her, she had no choice in dealing with being grounded. Edward feels really bad about leaving in the first place. It takes him time to really realize that it was hard for him to be away from Bella.

If you think that Bella's life is going to be simple, nope! That just isn't going to happen. Victoria, the one vampire that has a grudge against is coming back to kill her and isn't coming alone. Both her and Edward have to take off into the woods, away from everyone and everything.

With the werewolves and the vampires usely against each other they make a trouse. With Jacob have very strong feelings for Bella and they come out in the end. She is in love with him to but her true love the one she has chosen in Edward.

The fight begins and all hell breaks out for them. In the long run, they win. Jacob leaves and Edward asks Bella once again if she'll marry him. Her answer is.......

If you haven't read the book, read and you'll find the answer. As I've read every book so far in this series, its just gotten better and better. Plus, the books get a little longer. Each time you stick your nose in the book you can't seem to want to put it down.

Read the book, you should have the same trouble I did, by not being able to put it down.
A good book is worth picking up like this one. Series do have a habit of getting boring to read farther into them you get, but this series so far is worth picking up and staying with it.

Tell next time, continue reading.