Saturday, March 30, 2013

Haunted on bourbon street #1 by Deanna Chase

Jade Calhoun moved to New Orleane's to be near her best friend Kay. She found an apartment right next to a strip club and the owners Kane and Pyper were renting the place she was moving into. Kane was a very handsome looking man and it was hard for Jade to concentrate when he was around.
What Jade didn't know was that he could dream walk into her dreams tell one night he was there. The dream was very erotic and when she woke up in the morning she knew the easiest way to deal with how she was feeling was to take a cold shower. Jade also could see ghosts and one night she met the ghost that was also in her dreams. But he seemed to get jealous when she was around Kane. Kane would show up at certain times just to get under Jade's skin. She could never quite concentrate when he was around.
Pyper was very nice but she was having problems with her own ghost that was making her life feel like hell. Jade knew she needed to try to help her get rid of that ghost. She let Pyper stay at her apartment to help her friend out. A few days later Kane had asked Jade out and she said most differently yes. She knew what she wanted and during that date and later that evening she and Kane made love. By morning she was feeling very good tell he told her he was dream walking into her dream. She wasn't happy about it.
Jade and her friends tried to help Pyper out to get rid of the ghost but it back fired with pyper ending up in a coma. By the end of the book and certain thing happening which you'll have to read to find out for yourself. I'll just say it was a pretty good book and the first book in a series.
Well, off to start another book. This was also the first time I've read an ebook, which is what this was. So, I'm trying something new for me and I think I might enjoy reading like this after all. At first I wasn't sure. Remember to read a good book you never know where you'll find one.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Blindman's Bluff by Faye Kellerman

Peter Decker is a lieutenant in the LAPD. His wife Rina is going in for jury duty. He wishes her luck. Later on in the day he is called to a murder scene. The Kaffey's are murdered in their big ranch like home. Guy and his wife, a few guards too. His son Gil is shot but will survive. Its up to Decker to solve the murder. With some many shot and killed they are going to have a lot of suspects.

Scott Oliver and Marge Dunn are the two detectives that were there when Decker showed up on the scene. Its up to Decker to get then to tell him what they think had happened. After spending hours out at the house and getting back to his office, the head guy shows up in his office to tell Decker that he's going to have to get a team together to solve this thing.

With so much going on and finding witnesses to tell them about what really happened. It might take them awhile to find all of everyone to talk to.

As the story goes farther on, they start to notice that one gang of people might be involved, the Bodega 12 gang. Its time for them to find the ones that pulled the trigger. Decker has talked to the surviving members of the family. Its not quite time to give up on any of the family yet. What ends up happening and who did it will surprise you for sure.

The detectives Oliver and Dunn do a good job of solving as much as they can. Decker is trying to protected a blind witness that he's not even sure of. His wife sort of gets involved in the case. But by the end Decker finds the guys that did the shooting and something else that doesn't surprise him at the end.

Read the book, its good and will make you want to know how it will end. Well, I'm off to start my next book. Remember a good book could be the one your reading now or the one you might read tomorrow.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Forever by Maggie Stiefvater

This is the last book to the Shiver series. Grace is a wolf now. Sam is worried and doesn't know where she is. He's wanting to go out there to look for her but, he knows some how he wouldn't be able too. Then, the phone rings and its Grace. He packs up everything to make the long trip to go get her, only to find that she's shifted again to a wolf. He needs to wait and hope that she will find him or call him.

Cole is driving Sam crazy but what Sam doesn't know is that Cole is trying to find a cure for being a wolf. He and Isabel have been fighting amongst themselves for a little while but, when Sam calls her to ask her to come over and help him help Cole because he's done something to himself. Cole hadn't been taking drugs which is what Isabel had thought at first. But it still didn't seem to matter to her.

A few days later Grace shows up at Isabel's house and calls Sam to come get her. Which he does. She has turned back into a wolf again and Sam puts her into the bathroom to await for her to change back again. Isabel calls to tell Sam the her dad has gotten the okay to kill all the wolves. Sam's not sure what to do. Cole knows he has to figure out a way to save them. He decides to try and turn Beck back to human to get a few answers from him. It might help them find a way to save most of them.

Grace decides to tell Rachel that she's alive in hopes that she will help her to face her parents. When Grace finally goes to see them, her dad starts to tell her what she's going to do. That doesn't go over very will. Afterwards Grace ends up changing into a wolf again and Sam finds out that the wolf hunt is on in the morning at dawn. So, cole's plan has to work. Sam is going to turn into a wolf and find Grace and lead them away.

You'll have to read the book to find out what happens next. Does Sam and Grace make it? What about Cole? The book was fairly good. A little slow with lots of things going on. But it was worth reading just to see how the series ended.

Well, I'm off to start my next book now. Remember to read a good book.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Matched by Ally Condie

This is the first book in another series that I just started. Cassie is a 17 year old girl that is happy its her birthday and that its the matching banquet. Tonight she finds out who her match is going to be. She's not really nervous either. As they deliver the food to everyone there and they eat. Cassie tries to find her friend Xander who is also there for the same reason as her. To Cassie's surprise she is called and her match is called and its Xander. She has the biggest smile on her face. She's so happy because she knows her match and he lives in the same area as her.

Once at home and relaxing the next day, she decides to look at it. What she see is Xander first then it blinks off and someone Else's face is shown, its Ky. At first she thinks its a mistake then things start to change for her. She starts to notice that Ky is noticing her and there are certain things that end up happening like, him showing up more to activities and other things. She had signed up for hiking and he's there as will.

She starts to look more forward to hiking because Ky is there. He starts showing her how to write and leaves her with questions about who he really is. She learns that she feels differently then she's supposed to feel about things. The society she lives in has very stricked rules about certain things and she could get into a lot of trouble. But something in her tells her she doesn't care about that. She's falling in love with Ky and she hopes he is too.

By the end of the book things start to change in Cassie's life more and she loses Ky and in some ways she loses Xander for telling him how she really feels. But she knows deep down that she can't live without him and needs to figure out what to do.

I'll have to say that the book is pretty good. If you haven't read it them maybe you should. Well, I'm off now to start another book. Remember to pick up a good book and read it. It may just take you some where, where you've never been before and you'd be happy to have gone there. Read a good book.