Friday, December 16, 2011

Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

Grace was on the tire swing when she was grabbed by wolves when she was young. She does't remember much about it. She just knows that she was scared some but never showed it to them. Sam is a werewolf. He is watching his pack bite at her and is doing nothing about it. He finally decides to stop them. After that Grace doesn't really remember what had happened.
Its summer and Sam is working in the book store in town. He sees her walk in with two of her friends and something inside of him knows or like almost wants her to see him, but she doesn't turn around.
Summer passes into fall then winter and one of the boys in school, Jack, gets attacted by the wolves. A bunch of men decide to go after the wolves and Grace feels she needs to stop it. she tells one of the guys there that a friend of hers is in the woods. She decides to do a stupid thing and runs into the woods with one of the guys chasing her. The guy tells another to radio the others to tell them to quit shooting and walks Grace to her house through the woods. Grace's car had broken down on the side of the road where all the other hunters trucks were.
At her backdoor she sees Sam and he's been shot. She tries to help him but doesn't quite know yet that he's the wolf that she's been seeing in the woods. She takes him to the hospital and then sits with him tell he wakes up. Sam doesn't know who she is and he's not sure where he is tell Grace tells him. He knows that he needs to get out of the hospital and before anyone comes and and sees how he's all healed up.
Grace brings him home with her and tells him he can stay in her room with her. Sam knows that his days are numbered tell he turns back into a wolf and he may never be able to turn back to human again. He also knows that he's been in love with Grace for a long time. What Grace doesn't know that she feels the same way. Grace and Sam spend as much time together and then grace tells him about Jack.
For Sam this is hard for him. He knows his days are numbered but he doesn't want to leave Grace. He also knows that he needs to find out where Jack is before he does something stupid. What Grace and him don't know id that Jace had bitten Olivia one of graces friends and she's been sick. To grace there has to be a cure some where out there. She doesn't want to be without him ever.
I'm not telling you how this book ends because this is just the first in this series so you know that anything could happen. The book is good and I was surprised by the ending. But, because I don't read the same author back to back. I'll just have to wait tell I do read the next one. Pick it up if you haven't read it before. If you have then you know what I mean.
Well, I'm off to start another book. Hope you come back and see what I've read and keep on reading yourself as will. Each book is a different expereince and sometimes a good book will stay with you for a long time. I hope this is one of those.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Naked in death by J.D. Robb

First in a series about murder and Sex. I'd have to say that being that I've never read any of this authors books before. This one actually got to me.
Eve Dallas in a cop in New York city in the future. She is called in to investagate a murder of a hooker. She is also the senators graddaughter, Sharon DeBlass. Which makes this care very high profile. One thing more is that she knew she was a good cop and that no matter what she was going to solve it.
Then she meets Roarke, very rich and for some reason he's paying attention to every move she makes. To him she seems like no one he's even seen before. But, for him it seemed more. Inside of him he wanted her, wanted to be with her, want her in his bed. But right now at this time it wasn't going to happen. He would have to wait.
As the days go by. Eve has been told to do her best to solve it and she knew she had it in her to do so. But, she also knew that Roarke was watching her. Something about him bothered her and she couldn't put her finger on it. Tell the night he invitess her over to his house to talk. She's full of questions. He's watching her every move like its something that he needs to breath in. Then, he can't hold back any longer. He kisses her and she respones back. Then he carries her to his bedroom and the make love all night long.
One statement he makes to her. "You will think of me." In many ways she does. Roarke is falling in love with Eve. Eve's not so sure of her feelings. Eve has Roarke help her with her case. They find out infomation that she knows she can use.
BY the end of the book everthing comes together in a very surprising ending that more then worth while to read. Being that this is the first book in this series which means I'll be reading her next one soon enough. Can't wait.
Well, its time for me to start my next book. I hope if you haven't read this book you'll pick it up. If you like romantic/suspence novels, you'll love it.