Thursday, September 11, 2014

Virals by Kathy Reichs

This the first book in the virals series. Tori Brennan is the niece of Temperance Brennan. She lives with her dad Kit on a Island called Morris. Her three friends, Sheltan, Ben and Hi are all considered Geeks. Them and her make up a great team. Tori has this thing about dogs, better yet a wolf dog. She has mated with a German Shepard. They had two pups.

They all go to the same school. Tori is only 14 years old but very smart. She and her friends decide to take a trip to loggerhead island to see the pups. But one pup is missing and the wolf dog isn't real happy about it. So Tori talks the others into breaking into the labs to see if they can find him. She's named him cooper. All their parents work in the lab and if they get caught they will be in huge trouble. But they do it anyways. What they find is the pup and he's sick with Parvo. Tori decides to try to save him but, doesn't realize that what he's carrying is going to change them.

A day or so later they had been doing some snooping around and found a set of dog tags. They couldn't figure out who's they were but, a mystery was coming and Tori and her friends were good at those. They made one more attempt at the lab to find out what info they could. Then they took a trip to the library and found out the the guys dog tags were connected to his young girls disappearance. They knew they needed to find her body and what happened. They didn't know that it could end them up getting shot at.

As the mystery unfolds more they find the bones but, they end up disappearing too. Tori and her friends also notice that things about them has been changing too. They have been ill for awhile. They can't tell anyone but, they need to know what's going on with them.

I'm not giving away any more of the story. You'll have to read the book to find out the ending. Well, I'm off to start another book. Remember a good book is never far from your reach.

Monday, February 17, 2014

The eternal ones by Kristen Miller

This is the first book in a series by an author I've not read before. I'll just say its a little dark in the idea. Its was worth reading though.

Haven is 17 years old and can't wait to leave the town she lives in, to go to New York city. She knows exactly why to. She's been having vivid visions of a past life ever since she was a young girl. But for some reason her grandmother thinks she' possessed by the devil. Haven knows for a fact that it isn't true but, the preacher in their town keeps trying to tell her that she shouldn't be having these visions.

Deep down inside her she knows that Ethan is the one for her. She knows that she needs to go find him. Know matter what her grandmother thinks. But when her grandmother tells her that she might get locked up for awhile tell these things stops. Haven is more then ready to runaway and go searching for Ethan. The guy that she thinks is him is Iain. A very sexy and rich guy. She knows that finding that truth might be a little dangerous. She just doesn't know how dangerous it may get. Being that there has been a murder and Iain is the one that is accused.

Many things happen in this book and I'm not going to give it all away. You'll have to get the book and read it. I'll say it will make you want to read the next one just to find out what happens to both her and Iain. For now pick up the book its differently worth your time.

Well, I'm off to start another book. Remember a good book isn't far from your reach.

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Night Star by Alyson Noel

This is the 5th book in the immortal series. Ever is having problems with her friend Haven being she had decided to give her the elixir that will make her immortal like her and Damen. Damen has made decisions concerning her when he did the same thing to her. But in this case she's having a hard time coping with the idea that her so called friend hates her some much. She knows that Haven is bent out to hurt her and even kill her. She's been preparing herself for this. She knows she will do what she needs to, to protect herself and those she cares about.

What she doesn't realize is that it will only get worse if she can't reason with Haven. Her friend Miles tries to tell her that things have changed around the school but, tell she ends up at the school to find out for herself she's not sure what to think. Jade on the other hand is another problem altogether. She needs to find out for herself who she really loves. It will not be easy to choose if that's what she needs to do.

She and haven do talk but it doesn't do her any good. Then, one day at Jade's store Haven shows up to do just what she says she's going to do but, before she can actually die Damen saves her soul. The whole thing changes her and she has her answer about who she is really supposed to be with. It doesn't so any good tell they can fix the thing about them being able to touch each other the way they really want.

By the end of the book you will find out what happens to Haven but you need to read it to find out. The book is pretty good and I still need to read the last one.

Well, I'm off to start another one. Remember to read a good book, never how much you might just enjoy it.