Friday, December 27, 2013

Sweep Vol.5 by Cate Tiernan

This is the last 3 books in the sweep series, Reckening, full circle and night's child. Alisa has been noticing that she is different but to here wicca has always bothered her. She was over at Mary K's and Morgan's when she saw something in Morgans backpack. It was a green covered back and something in her was telling her to take and she did. What she found out was that the book was her mom's book of shadows and she started reading it. Something from across the room fell. It was the jewelry box, when went over to pick it up something else caught eye. Something that was in the book said that there was something hidden in the box.

Alisa found out that her mother has a brother named Sam. It was time for her to find her mothers family. when thing for Alisa at home started getting worse she decided to run away. She took the trip to go visit and find her family.

Morgan had been having some very scary dreams about Cal, her ex-boyfriend that's dead. She didn't know why this was happening to her. She finally made the decision to tell Hunter. Hunter and her went to visit her friend that owned the wicca shop. With a tonic in her hand she thought that the dreams would go away but, they didn't. Hunter and two others were doing some research to try and figure out what was going on. They finally decided to have Morgan take one evening so they can sort out her dreams. But, what they didn't know was that someone was haunting her dreams and it was coming from her past. Cal's mom.

Morgan got an offer to go to a school over seas but, she needed to ask her parents. They had let her and Morgan's life ended up changing. Her and Hunter had their own things going and hardly saw each other. She was planning on meeting him and telling him that they should break up but Hunter wasn't going to let that happen. They had made love that night and hunter was getting ready in the morning to leave plus, he also asked her to marry him and she said yes. She was settling down and started to here yelling. She needed to know what was going on and found out that the ferry had gone down. Hunter was on it and she didn't see him.

Her heart started to break. She had the feeling he was dead which put her into a spin. What she didn't know was, she was with child. She got married a few months later to a really good man. Then, he had a car accident and died. She was alone again.Strange things started to happen. She was finding thing around the outside of the house that was making her think of Hunter. Was he alive still. Something inside of her told her that it might be possible.

Well, I'll just say this, the whole series was really good. You'll have to read this and the others to find out what really happens and if Hunter is really alive our not. I'm off to start my next book.

Monday, December 2, 2013

Sweep vol. 4 by Cate Tiernan

This is the 4th book in the Sweep series. Morgan is still very much in love with Hunter. Hunter though has decided to go look for his father and mother that is in Canada. His trip would take him how ever long he needed to be gone. Morgan had palns the night before he was to leave and Hunter was very willing to do so, but, something in him changed his mind. He left the next morning to travel to find his parents.

After arriving in the town that his parents were last seen, it took him a little bit to get to their house. When he arrived what he found was just a man that looked like he'd aged so much. His mother was know where to be found. His dad at first didn't want to talk about it. Also there was something else going on with his dad. He was doing something that was draining him. He was contacting his mother. It took everything that Hunter had in him to do what was needed to save his father. By the end it worked.

Some time later he got an assignment to deal with someone that was keeping a list of peoples real names. She also spelled herself to try and get Hunter to become hers. With hunters father's help he was able to do what didn't to be done. The trip back home was sort of long and he brought his father with him.

Morgan wasn't happy about hearing what happened while Hunter was gone, She didn't know what to feel. Then, she got a message from her father. Which just shocked her. At first she didn't know what to do. Her father asked to see her and that's when she found out that he wanted her to join him which she said no. In doing so she also knew that he decided to send the dark wave to kill her and everyone that she loved. She needed to figure out how she could stop it. Telling Hunter and his dad did worn them. After that it was up to Hunter's father to figure out what to do.

To find out what happens, whether they die or live you'll have to read the book. This series is really good. Well, I'm off to start my next book.

Friday, November 1, 2013

Sweep Vol.3 by Cate Tiernan

This is volume 3 of the sweep series, The calling, changeling and strife. Morgan now knows that she's a witch and in love with hunter who is a seeker. They have been through lots of things. They are also soul mates. Morgan and her friends decide to head to New York and stay at Bree's father's apartment. Morgan is hoping that she and Hunter will have some time to get closer together. what she doesn't know is when they go to a club and meet this one guy that he's her half brother. Then, things start to happen and she is worried about him being killed by his father. What does end up happening is that she finds out that the person that is trying to kill her is her real father and very evil.

Hunter tries to save her and ends up getting captured. Morgan's father help Hunter save her but, things for Morgan have changed with the news of who's daughter she really is. After a few days goes by, someone from the witches council shows up at Hunters house. She wants Morgan to help capture her father and at first she's not sure if she wants too. Hunter doesn't think that it would be safe for her but, Morgan goes ahead and does so.

She calls her half brother to come to her hometown and then she needs for him to bring her father here. As fear of that comes to light and her father shows up. She knows that she has to do this. Morgan is taught how to put a finding spell on her dad. But first she needs to get closer to him and earn his trust. Things end up happening and her father sets her up by showing her how to transform in a wolf. It was fun to her tell she senses her prey and while chasing it she receives a message from Hunter in her head and realizes that its him.

Her father wants her to kill him to prove to him her loyalty but, she doesn't. He escapes. A few weeks or so later Morgan starts to notice that things are happening and she knows its not her doing it. But with someone from the council there in town she decides to have Morgans powers striped from her but, only temporary. Will things turn out alright for Morgan in the long run. Well, you'll have to read the book to find out. I'm waiting for the others to come. I'm going to finish the series off. I want to know how it ends.

Well, I'm off to start another book. Remember to read a good book.

Friday, October 11, 2013

Beneath the cracks by L.S.Sygnet

Helen Erikison moved to Darkwater bay to get away from some of the things that had happened when she was on the west coast.She's has a Ph.D and works with the cops. They have been working on a case that had to do with a cop getting murdered and who he was working for was someone that Helen knew, Johnny Orion. Johnny was in love with Helen but, she tried to keep her distance. Not everything with her is what it seems. Johnny knows that something is going on with her, what he don't know is that Helen killed her husband.

Trying to solve the murder was one thing that Helen was good at. That's why she worked for the FBI at one time. She had many things come to light. As bad as these murders were things weren't going to get solved without her doing what she does best. Helen and the two cops she's been working with start to find leads that bring them to an old farm. To Helen things don't seem right after she talks to a doctor there. She swears that he's not telling her everything but, after picking him up he ends up dead. Which just adds more to the who done it.

With the help of people that she knows she's able to get a warrant that almost causes her and the two cops to end up dead. But they find all kinds of things out at the farm. The case is almost solved tell Helen ends up getting shot.

Well, that's all I'm going to tell you. This book is worth reading just to find out how and why she gets shot, what happens between her and Johnny and I'm off to start another book. Read a good book, you never know how good it is tell you read it. This one was quite good and also part of a series.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Earth by Shauna Granger

This is the first book in the Elemental series. Shayna is an Earth Elemental and can speak and talk to the trees and nature. Her friend Jodi is an Air Elemental and Steven is a Fire Elemental. They have been best friends since they were  kids. Shayna has been having nightmares for a long time, about being chased be something bad. She'll wake up tangled in her sheets and all sweaty.

One day at school Jodi tells her about to new boys that have just started there. Both very cute and twins. One is named Ian and the other is Jensen. Jensen shows up in one of Shayna's classes and he keeps glancing at her, which makes her feel very uncomfortable. She can since the he has powers but, he keeps blocking her out.

Tracy a friend of hers keeps getting hurt by her boyfriend and Shayna want to cast a spell to help her find a better boyfriend. Later that day when their ready to head out, Shayna can since that Tracy's in trouble. Just when she's wanting to help Tracy out, Ian shows up and goes after Tracy's boyfriend. After that those two start to see each other. when Shayna looks around she sees Jensen looking at her.

About a week later Shayna hears on the news that there was an animal sacrifice. This has never happened in her town before. Someone is doing black magic and that's not right. About another week later another one happens and now Shayna and her friends need to figure out what's going on.

What they find out will scare them and make them nervous. But they need to do something to protect their town and themselves.

Well, you'll have to read the book to find out what happens. I'm off now to start another book. Remember to read a good book. Sometimes you never know how good a book is tell you get to the ending.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Nearly Departed by Max Patrick Schlienger

Dennis has been dressing up as Dr. September for a little while to do some research for a new book that he's wanting to write. With the help of Doctor Harding he's been sending some of the people he's been seeing to him. Dennis doesn't really believe in ghosts and Dr. Harding keeps tell him that these people are just seeing things that aren't there and there is no such thing as Ghosts.

One day he gets a call from a lady wanting to know if Dennis would come by and speak to her and the ghost that she has in her house. So Dennis tells his wife Alena that he's going out again to do some more research. His wife isn't happy about him doing this and tells him so.

Meeting Elphane was interesting and not knowing what he's in for leads him to meet a real ghost. Evy is Elphane's older sister and has been haunting the chair in a room for about 8 years. when Dennis first meets Evy he faints. Being he doesn't know what to do he takes a trip to see Dr. Harding. Harding has a problem with Dennis believing in what he's seeing. Harding tells Dennis to be careful with Elphane because she problem has some kind of delusional thing going on.

Then he meets Spinner who's a private detective and thinks Dennis is a con man. Dennis Tries to explain to Spinner that he's not and after the meeting he calls Dr. Hardning again and tells him. After hearing a few stories from Evy the next day, Dennis knows that there's more going on and is determened to find out.

You'll have to read the book to find out how it ends. I was surprised with how good of a story it was. I think if you like ghost stories, you'll like this one.

Well, I'm off to start another book. Remember a book isn't ever farther then a bookshelf at the library, a book store or the internet. Enjoy a good one.

Sunday, August 25, 2013

Nocturnal by L. Jerome Word

Christopher Lance is a reporter in Atlanta GA. He is a haunted man dealing with things that had happened almost 15 years ago. His good friend Bre was murdered and he found the burned body. He became famous from solving another story and murder not to long ago. He has been known for doing things that are dangerous to most people but, that's how he gets his stories out.

His best friend Mac and him are on a stake out trying to get information on the mayor. He's in love with his long time friend and girlfriend Jordan. She's been there for him for a long time. Mac has been trying to tell Christopher that he needs to do something concerning Jordan for years now but, he just can't seem to make up his mind. He knows Mac is right though.

Harmony Tennessee is where Christopher grew up and where he met Bre. After her death he was never quite sure what really happened and he knew that he needed to solve the mystery. Dorian Tom was Bre's mom back then and said that Ford was the guy that killed her daughter in court. Something wasn't adding up after he had met with Dorian to talk about something else altogether different. But she caught on to him pretty quickly and he was found unconsense on the floor of his apartment.

With this mystery about his friend growing stronger inside of him. He knew he needed to wipe away those ghosts so he could become more human again and sleep. He takes a trip to Harmony to talk to the sheriff there and doesn't get much from it but, a treat or two. He doesn't plan on stopping his search.

He and Mac take a trip to go and find out more information on Dorian but, end up getting quite beat up and shot at. People are just not going to talk to him. That still isn't going to stop him, he needs to know and then he finds out about Bre maybe being still alive. He needs to find out for sure.

Alexi is a young and beautiful model and Christopher needs to go and talk to her. Even though Dorian doesn't want Alexi to see him she does any ways. To Christopher, he knows for sure that she's Bre his long and not so dead friend. Then ford escapes from jail and is after Dorain to kill her for putting him into prison.

The story moves pretty fast. Its worth reading. I got to say I love a good thriller and this one just keeps moving faster as you read. Many things happen. But to find out how it ends you'll have to read the book.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Beautiful Darkness by Kami Garcia & Margaret Stohl

This is second book in the Caster series. Ethan loves Lena so much that after what happened to her uncle something had changed in her. She didn't want to go to the funeral but, he knew she had to. Lena was sad and something about her had changed. He was worried and was going to try and do what he can to help. There were a lot of dark casters at the funeral. Being that it was being held at night it was to be expected.

There was a strange guy on a motorcycle standing be a tree after a lot of the people left. Something about him made Ethan feel funny.  A few days past and Lena wasn't acting nothing like herself. He didn't know what to do. He tried everything and it wasn't working. Then she started to hang out with that dark caster the rode the motorcycle. She told Ethan that she was leaving and didn't want him to follow her. Ethan knew something was wrong and planned on finding out.

His trip to the library was interesting. Marian was there and some girl that he'd never seen before. She was cute. He asked Marian a few questions but, he knew that Marian couldn't really answer them. He needed some answers so he thought that going down into the tunnels would be the only way he would figure them out.

Ethan's dad came home, Lena is gone and the girl at the library is named Oliva, Liv for short. She was willing to help him out. Link is Ethan's best friend and willing to travel with him. They are going after Lena to find her and bring her back home. But something else isn't quite right. Along the way there are people that Ethan knows that helps him out. He finds out a secret about himself that he doesn't know. Which explains more about what happened on Lena's birthday.

I'll just say this, that you will have to read the book to find out if Ethan finds Lena an find out happens. Its worth reading.

Well, I'm off to start my next book. Remember to read a good book and try a new author. You never know wither its good until you read it.

Monday, July 8, 2013

The Mating by Nicky Charles

This a romantic paranormal suspense novel. Sex, love and fast moving story. Will worth reading in my book. Elise is a nineteen years old and the daughter of the alpha of her pack. Werewolves have lived a very private life on huge pieces of land where they are able to live and run without having human eyes watching them. This day Elise was told to go see her father. She didn't know what it was about and when he explained that she was to be mated to the alpha of another pack she wasn't to happy about it. That's when she laid eyes on the very handsome alpha Kane.

They were mated and was sent to a house just out of distance from everyone else. They had sex more then once in that evening. Elise knew that Kane knew what he was doing. She still didn't like the idea of being mated to someone she didn't know. Byran was her good friend and he wasn't to happy about the whole arrangement in the first place. Elise told him that she was going to be leaving and going to her new pack.

She wasn't sure what was going to happen after getting there and she knew she was overly nervous. Kane knew that this was going to be hard on her and he tried to tell her that things would be fine. When she arrived and his pack members were standing outside waiting on them. Elise that she needed to great them and with Kane's help, she greeted everyone that was there.

Days had now gone buy and Elise got a job in the town that was near by. Marla seemed to be acting funny. She first showed an attitude toward her at first. Things seemed a little funny and certain things weren't making since to her. There was Thomas getting shot, oil being spilled in that lake on the property. Kane not wanting to see that Marla was doing things to make Kane see that Elise was cheating. Elise didn't know what was going on and was willing to try and figure it out.

But if you want to know what happens you will have to read this book. I'll worn you though its not for kids but, its mainly for adults only because of some of the sex scenes in it. Over all, it was a very good book though.

Well, I'm off to start my next book. Remember that there's always a good book to find. You might be surprised and what there is out there.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Beautiful Demons by Sarra Cannon

This is the first book in the Peachville high demons series. Harper was on her way to another place to live after something ended up happening in the foster home she was staying in. Mrs. Meeks is her caseworker she wasn't real happy with Harper. Mrs. Meeks tells Harper that she's going to a new place and this is the last one and if anything happens there she will be going to juvanile detention for the next two years.

The home she's heading to is in the small town of Peachville. The house was big and Harper was nervous about moving there. She met one of the women that was in charge of the place and explained the rules to her. Mrs. Shadowford was the owner of the house and stayed there with the other girls. There were only three others and Anges was one and she talks her head off. Ella Mae lived out back with her son Jackson. Haprer thought that Ella Mae seemed nice.

Harper knew that this was her last hope. She needed to be careful what she did. Her first day at school wasn't exactly what she hoped. She got into a fight with Tori one of the cheerleaders. Which ment she had a new enemy. Things started to not go will for the rest of the week. She always knew she was different.

Friday night was the football game and everyone had to go. Harper always wore her mothers neckless but, that night she seemed to have lost it. She snuck out to go find it. She saw Tori and some guy. Harper left. The next day Harper was called out of the school because some how Tori was murdered. After getting questioned by the cops and let go to go home. Harper was very tired and didn't seem to feel so good. The next thing she knew she was on the floor. After that she was told when she woke up that she had been sick and sleeping for almost a week. Which didn't make since to her.

Everything had changed for Harper after that. Even her memory wasn't quite like it was. I'm not going to give the ending up though. I'll just say it was pretty good.

Well, I'm off to start another book. Remember to pick up a good book. Never know how the story is tell you read it.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Bound by Kira Saito

Arelia LaRue is a seventeen young girl living with her grandma. She's been going to school and working to bring in money so that they can eat. It wasn't easy for her not having a lot of money. Sabrina is Arelia's bestfriend and has been since they were just little kids. Sabina was telling her that she got them both a job at the Darkwood plantation. It would be for the whole summer.

Arelia's granma wasn't to happy about it at first but went ahead and said okay. They both left to get there the next morning. They met Henry then, they met Ms.Mae. Something about her seemed like she had met Ms. Mae before. To find out a Ms. Mae was her aunt which met she was her grandma's sister. After going over things she was showed where they were going to be sleeping. Aleria made her way to take a long bath then, got lost heading to her room by walking into Lucas's. She was quite surprised to see a guy in her room and he told her she was in his. She felt herself get red and left.

Sabrina had her sites on Lucas since she first saw him. He was a nice guy but, he kept watching me out of the corner of his eye. Arelia knew that there was something different about her. To find out, she was a voodoo queen. Ms. Mae pulled Arelia aside one day to ask her if she wanted to learn more about voodoo and what it means to be a voodoo queen. She said yes, at first.

Being blessed by Erzulie when she was younger brought out certain things about Arelia that she knew was different. She could talk to ghosts. But she really needed to know more about the whole thing.

After being there a week and Lucas kept talking to her, Sabrina started to get jealous about it. Her and Sabrina had a really nasty fight over him. They hadn't talked for days. But there were other things that Arelia was doing to keep herself busy. There was also things that Lucas hadn't told her about and neither had Ms. Mae. She had gotten so upset that she decided to leave Darkwood.

It was a good story and by an author I hadn't ever read before. Yes, there is another book to this one. You'll have to read the book to find out all that's going on and will happen.

Well, I'm off to start another book. Remember to enjoy a good book. Wither its an ebook or regular novel.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

The last call by George Weir

Will Travis likes to help people out. When it comes to money but this morning on his way into the office there was a very pretty young girl eyeing him. He was watching her as will. By the time he made it to the office and said good morning to Penny his assistant, that same young girl was waiting to speak to him. Her name was Julie and she was much prettier in person then with the sun on her face.

She told him a story about her needing help with hiding some money she came into. But he knew there was more to it. He started to ask her more questions about what's really going on. By the end of her story he knew that she was in more trouble then he thought. She didn't have any place to go right now and he decided to take her to his house. What came from that was her and him sleeping together. He never knew he could feel like he is. But he knew that he needed to help her.

In the morning he decided to go see his friend Hank and see if he'd be able to help. Hank was a man that was more of a business acquaintance than anything. Hank, Will and Julie all went out to his place. While talking there were noises coming from outside and the next thing that came was shotgun fire. Will made his way outside to try and get who ever it was, but they were gone.

There was a lot more that Julie hadn't told them and he needed all the information. After her hearing that, she told them that she stole a bunch of money from a really bad person. Will got to thinking about what the hell he's gotten himself into but, he knew he needed to help her out of this. With people trying to kill her and them, it needed to get taken care of real fast.

Read the story to find out what happens. It turns out to be a very good story. Worth reading. Well, its time for me to start another one. Remember a good book isn't far away and with the different ways of reading now a days. It could be only an ebook away or bookstore.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

UnEnchanted #1 by Chanda Hahn

This is the first book in an unfortunate fairy tale series. Mina Grime has tried to avoid being seen or noticed. But the day they take a tour of the bakery is the day that Mina's life will change. The cat walk they are on collapse and Brody a very popular and good look guy almost falls down until Mina grabs ahold of his hand in which it almost takes her along with.

In saving Brody she ends up with her picture being in the news paper and her mother Sara packing up everything again to leave town. It seems that they have been running from something and Mina asks her mom why. Her mom explains that she is the great, great, grandchild of the grimm brothers. This starts the cycle of a curse on her family for over a hundred years. Mina tells her mother that she is going to try to change it.

Nan is Mina's best friend for the last two years and Mina tells her about the curse on her family which Nan says she's more the willing to help her with it. Mina needs to find the grimmore because it could help her with what she needs to do. Each one of the stories is a fairy tale and she need to live each one and survive it.

Brody has been trying to find her and talk to her. Mina had gone over to his house to drop something off but, ends up running over her bike. Then one day she had been getting attacked by a big guy that smells like a wolf. Jake a guy she's never seen before saves her. The next day he show up at her school as a student. Tells her that he's there to help her but only if she wants.

Things really so start to happen between her and Brody. Her life is in danger and he wants to protect her. You'll have to read the book to see what happens because I'm not telling. I'll just add this, its a really interesting story.

Well, I'm off to start another book. Remember good books don't always come in paper they also come by ebook as will.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Halo by Alexandra Adornetto

This is the first book in the Halo series. Three angels from Heaven are went down to earth, Gabriel, Ivy and Bethany which is the youngest and most human. They have come down to the town of Venus Cove. They are there to fight the darkness that's coming to that town. What Bethany doesn't know is that being human brings on some problems, like having to eat and drink to stay strong. Her body is human and can get hurt.
Her and Gabriel are heading to the school there, Bethany is going to be a student and Gabriel will be the music teacher. Because of thier looks people at the school start to stare. Bethany then meets Xavier Woods a very good looking boy who had lost his one girlfriend in a fire. She also meets Molly who tells her that he hasn't gone out or looked at another girl for quite a long time and many have tried but he's always shot them down. For Bethany Xavier seems to get an interest in her.
They begin to talk and then he asks her to go out and that's the start of thier relationship. But to Gabriel he's bothered by it and has to ask those higher up if its alright for her and Xavier to be together. Bethany also decides that's it time to tell him what and who she is and plans to do it at the bonefire. At first He doesn't know what to say, soon he pretty much doesn't care what she is, he just knows that he loves her, which surprises her.
A few days late a new boy shows up in school, his name is Jake Thorne. Bethany doesn't realize that there's something dark and dangerous about him tell the night of the prom when he kisses her and when she regects him he tells her she's going to get her for that and everything in the school starts to change. Because of what happened between her and Jake, it takes Gabriel to go and talk to Xavier to bring him around to help bring Bethany back to who she is.
Bethany knows that she and her brother and sister angels need to find the proof that Jake is evil so they can save the town. But what happens next, you'll have to read the book. I'll just say that it was a good book. I diffenently want to pick up the next one to see what will happen to Bethany and Xavier next.
Well, I'm off to start my next book. Remember to read a book, you'll never know if its any good tell you do.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Haunted on bourbon street #1 by Deanna Chase

Jade Calhoun moved to New Orleane's to be near her best friend Kay. She found an apartment right next to a strip club and the owners Kane and Pyper were renting the place she was moving into. Kane was a very handsome looking man and it was hard for Jade to concentrate when he was around.
What Jade didn't know was that he could dream walk into her dreams tell one night he was there. The dream was very erotic and when she woke up in the morning she knew the easiest way to deal with how she was feeling was to take a cold shower. Jade also could see ghosts and one night she met the ghost that was also in her dreams. But he seemed to get jealous when she was around Kane. Kane would show up at certain times just to get under Jade's skin. She could never quite concentrate when he was around.
Pyper was very nice but she was having problems with her own ghost that was making her life feel like hell. Jade knew she needed to try to help her get rid of that ghost. She let Pyper stay at her apartment to help her friend out. A few days later Kane had asked Jade out and she said most differently yes. She knew what she wanted and during that date and later that evening she and Kane made love. By morning she was feeling very good tell he told her he was dream walking into her dream. She wasn't happy about it.
Jade and her friends tried to help Pyper out to get rid of the ghost but it back fired with pyper ending up in a coma. By the end of the book and certain thing happening which you'll have to read to find out for yourself. I'll just say it was a pretty good book and the first book in a series.
Well, off to start another book. This was also the first time I've read an ebook, which is what this was. So, I'm trying something new for me and I think I might enjoy reading like this after all. At first I wasn't sure. Remember to read a good book you never know where you'll find one.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Blindman's Bluff by Faye Kellerman

Peter Decker is a lieutenant in the LAPD. His wife Rina is going in for jury duty. He wishes her luck. Later on in the day he is called to a murder scene. The Kaffey's are murdered in their big ranch like home. Guy and his wife, a few guards too. His son Gil is shot but will survive. Its up to Decker to solve the murder. With some many shot and killed they are going to have a lot of suspects.

Scott Oliver and Marge Dunn are the two detectives that were there when Decker showed up on the scene. Its up to Decker to get then to tell him what they think had happened. After spending hours out at the house and getting back to his office, the head guy shows up in his office to tell Decker that he's going to have to get a team together to solve this thing.

With so much going on and finding witnesses to tell them about what really happened. It might take them awhile to find all of everyone to talk to.

As the story goes farther on, they start to notice that one gang of people might be involved, the Bodega 12 gang. Its time for them to find the ones that pulled the trigger. Decker has talked to the surviving members of the family. Its not quite time to give up on any of the family yet. What ends up happening and who did it will surprise you for sure.

The detectives Oliver and Dunn do a good job of solving as much as they can. Decker is trying to protected a blind witness that he's not even sure of. His wife sort of gets involved in the case. But by the end Decker finds the guys that did the shooting and something else that doesn't surprise him at the end.

Read the book, its good and will make you want to know how it will end. Well, I'm off to start my next book. Remember a good book could be the one your reading now or the one you might read tomorrow.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Forever by Maggie Stiefvater

This is the last book to the Shiver series. Grace is a wolf now. Sam is worried and doesn't know where she is. He's wanting to go out there to look for her but, he knows some how he wouldn't be able too. Then, the phone rings and its Grace. He packs up everything to make the long trip to go get her, only to find that she's shifted again to a wolf. He needs to wait and hope that she will find him or call him.

Cole is driving Sam crazy but what Sam doesn't know is that Cole is trying to find a cure for being a wolf. He and Isabel have been fighting amongst themselves for a little while but, when Sam calls her to ask her to come over and help him help Cole because he's done something to himself. Cole hadn't been taking drugs which is what Isabel had thought at first. But it still didn't seem to matter to her.

A few days later Grace shows up at Isabel's house and calls Sam to come get her. Which he does. She has turned back into a wolf again and Sam puts her into the bathroom to await for her to change back again. Isabel calls to tell Sam the her dad has gotten the okay to kill all the wolves. Sam's not sure what to do. Cole knows he has to figure out a way to save them. He decides to try and turn Beck back to human to get a few answers from him. It might help them find a way to save most of them.

Grace decides to tell Rachel that she's alive in hopes that she will help her to face her parents. When Grace finally goes to see them, her dad starts to tell her what she's going to do. That doesn't go over very will. Afterwards Grace ends up changing into a wolf again and Sam finds out that the wolf hunt is on in the morning at dawn. So, cole's plan has to work. Sam is going to turn into a wolf and find Grace and lead them away.

You'll have to read the book to find out what happens next. Does Sam and Grace make it? What about Cole? The book was fairly good. A little slow with lots of things going on. But it was worth reading just to see how the series ended.

Well, I'm off to start my next book now. Remember to read a good book.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Matched by Ally Condie

This is the first book in another series that I just started. Cassie is a 17 year old girl that is happy its her birthday and that its the matching banquet. Tonight she finds out who her match is going to be. She's not really nervous either. As they deliver the food to everyone there and they eat. Cassie tries to find her friend Xander who is also there for the same reason as her. To Cassie's surprise she is called and her match is called and its Xander. She has the biggest smile on her face. She's so happy because she knows her match and he lives in the same area as her.

Once at home and relaxing the next day, she decides to look at it. What she see is Xander first then it blinks off and someone Else's face is shown, its Ky. At first she thinks its a mistake then things start to change for her. She starts to notice that Ky is noticing her and there are certain things that end up happening like, him showing up more to activities and other things. She had signed up for hiking and he's there as will.

She starts to look more forward to hiking because Ky is there. He starts showing her how to write and leaves her with questions about who he really is. She learns that she feels differently then she's supposed to feel about things. The society she lives in has very stricked rules about certain things and she could get into a lot of trouble. But something in her tells her she doesn't care about that. She's falling in love with Ky and she hopes he is too.

By the end of the book things start to change in Cassie's life more and she loses Ky and in some ways she loses Xander for telling him how she really feels. But she knows deep down that she can't live without him and needs to figure out what to do.

I'll have to say that the book is pretty good. If you haven't read it them maybe you should. Well, I'm off now to start another book. Remember to pick up a good book and read it. It may just take you some where, where you've never been before and you'd be happy to have gone there. Read a good book.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Sweep vol. 2 by Cate tiernan

This is a 3 in 1 book, dark magical, awakening and spellbound. Morgan is in love with Cal but he's hiding the truth from Morgan. One day Morgan is on her way to Practical Magic to see if she can get a few things. She finds out from David that they may have to close the store. For awhile Morgan thought she had killed Hunter who is a seeker. He was trying to kill or bind Cal and Morgan threw a knife at him and went over the cliff.

Alyce is one of the store owners of Practical magic and someone that Morgan can trust. When Morgan went by the store again she hadn't been feeling good and Alyce offered her a cup of tea. When she walked back into the back room and sitting there was Hunter. He wasn't good but, for some reason she didn't trust him. He didn't look good either. They were talking about magic and stuff and Morgan did something that shocked everyone. She touched Hunter in a way the was magical and both her and his minds touched. She was able to see things about him that made her think that he wasn't that bad of a person.

When Cal finds out he's not to happy. Things about Cal really start to change and he tries to kill Morgan. Bree and Robbie save her life and Hunter shows up to find the both Cal and his mom Selene are gone. Morgan tries to understand what happened and to find out if she really still loves him. She can't love him any more because he lied to her and tried to kill her. Hunter then tries to help her out and watch over her. In doing so, Hunter starts to realize that he's starting to have feelings towards Morgan and as they start to work on magic together it just makes him feel more protective of her.

As things happen and continue to happen to Morgan and an offer was brought up to help Morgan protect herself more from the evil out there. Alyce said that she would think about it and after a few days she agrees. It will help Morgan learn faster about magic and it will give Alyce a little more understanding of Morgan too. By the end of the book Cal and his mother show back up. She's wanting to kill Morgan to take her magic and tools from her. Cal tries to tell Morgan that he still loves her and didn't expect that he would feel like that ever.

You'll have to read this book to find out what happens in the end. I'll just say that its worth the read. Well, I'm off to start another book. So pick up a good book you never know how good it is tell you do.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

All together dead by Charlaine Harris

This is the seventh book in the Sookie Stackhouse series. Sookie is supposed to go to a meeting at Fangtasia to meet with Eric and Pam and some other vampires. she doesn't know what is all going on tell she walks into Eric's office and sees all the other vampires there. Most she knows. She's told that there's a summit for a lot of vampires and that she has to be there to help the queen.

She has been letting Amelia stay with her after the hurricane hit her city and home. Quinn is a weretiger that Sookie has been seeing for awhile. She really doesn't know how she feels about him yet but they do make love twice the night he comes to see her at her house. He tells her that he will be at the summit and will try to see her if he can.

Sophie-Anne is the queen where Sookie is from and is there to help if the queen was to go on trial for murder. Andre works for the Queen and Sookie is some what uncomfortable about being around him. For good reason when she finds out that he wants to exchange blood with her but Eric tells him he'll do it because he's done it before. It doesn't make sookie very happy to have a tie to him with him having feelings and her having feelings that weren't resolved yet. Quinn finds out about it and doesn't seem to happy about it.

Many things go on in the book. One thing though, Sookie with the help of Barry who is like her, finds out that some bad people want to kill the vampires because they don't want them around. Then, one early morning the truth comes out that there's bombs in the hotel they all have been staying in. Its up to Sookie and Barry to get as many people to safety as possible.

Well, you'll have to read the book to find out who survives and what happens. I'll say its not a bad read at all. Its a page turner and you'll differently want to read it if you haven't already. I'm off to start my next book. Remember a good book isn't far and you might enjoy a good read.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Ink Exchange by Melissa Marr

This is the second book in the Wicked lovely series. Aislinn is the queen of the winter court now. Her friend Leslie knows nothing of fairy world. Leslie has had problems at home with her brother Ren and worries about her drunk father. She knows she needs to get away from it. So she works for her money and saves some just to be able to do just that.

Keenan is the summer king and part of the same world as Aislinn. He made her what she is now. Niall has been keeping a watch over Leslie because he was asked to. But he starts to feel things about her. He knows its dangerous to feel like that towards a mortal. What he doesn't know is that she's planning on getting a tattoo and making up her mind on what kind is what Rabbit is going to help her with but, there's a catch. Irial is the king of the dark court and he thinks that turning Leslie into a shadow person will help feed him and his court.

The tattoo she's getting has blood in the ink. It will make Leslie his. In time she will know what is going to happen to her. She takes in the emotions that are given to her. It makes her tired and weak. Niall had made her a promise but it seemed that because of Keenan he leaves the court and wonders around by himself. He watches Leslie once in awhile tell one day he says he can help her.

Leslie doesn't know what to do but, she knows that she wants her life back again if its possible. I'm not giving away the ending. But the book was worth reading. Well, now I'm off to start another book. Remember to read a good book you might enjoy when you do.

Sunday, February 10, 2013

The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff

This the first book written by this author and another new author to add to my many books I've already read. Gentry is a town with a strange secret. There are dead or replacement people that live under the town. Mackie is one of those. He tries to stay in the shadows and out of the way of metals and blood. Something about him is different then others that live in the town.

Tate is a girl that seemed to be a loner, always sitting by herself. But it is understandable because she lost her sister. Roswell is Mackie's friend along with Danny and Drew. Many of the people in town don't pay attention to what really goes on in the town. One day Mackie is out walking around and he sees someone on the bridge and he can smell death. The guy tells him that he's going to die. Mackie doesn't know what to say, all he does is walk away.

Tate tries to talk to Mackie and tries to tell Mackie that the thing they put in the ground wasn't her sister. Mackie doesn't really want to deal with it. Later in the day after he gets home, his sister hands him some kind of Vile and tells him to drink it. After he does, he starts to feel better. What ever the stuff was it was making him feel stronger.

He has Caroline one of his kind take him under the town to meet the Morrigan. She isn't like anyone he's ever met. They talk for ahile and then she calls for Janice to come and give him more of what was in the vile he got before. The Morrigan tells him that nothing is free and that he will have to something for her in return. She also tells him about her sister.

In the end Tate tells Mackie her story and pretty much Mackie knows all about it. He finds out that Tate's real sister is still alive and he's working up a plan to get her back. If you want to know what happens you'll have to read the book. I'll say for a first novel this one is a good story. Will worth reading.

Well, I'm off to start another book. Remember to pick up a good book. You really don't know if your going to like it tell you get farther into it.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

The forbidden game by L.J. Smith

This a a 3 in 1 book. The hunter, The chase and the kill. Jenny was out doing some walking around when she remembered that she needed to pick up something for her boyfriend Tom's birthday. She also knew that she was being followed by two people. She wasn't quite scared but, she knew she needed to find some where to go and hide for awhile. There was a lot of stores closed where she was. But something seemed strange when she came across this store. At first there wasn't a doorknob but now there was. Once inside she got this feeling that she was being watched.

Then, this guy seemed to appear in front of her. He said his name was Julian. Looking at him, he was more beautiful then anyone she had seen before. He asked if he could help her and she said that she was looking for a game to play with her friends. His eyes lit up and he showed her a game and said she could have it. What she didn't know was that this game was going to be more then just a game. It was going to be a game of life and death.

Tom, Audrey, Dee, Micheal, Summer and Zach all come over to Jenny's house to play a game. They put together the paper house and followed all the directions on the box and the something happened. They were in the paper house, like it was real. Julian showed up and said that they could only win if they made it to the top of the house. Each of them has to deal with a nightmare and make it through it. But Summer didn't. What Jenny didn't know was that Julian wanted her to himself and would do anything to get her. To save her friends she made a deal with him but, she tricked him and they all made it back home safe except for Summer.

Jenny kept making the mistake of offering things to Julian she wasn't going to ever give him. In the long run they all ended up in the shadow world where Julian is from, trying to save Tom and Zach and trying to survive because Julian wanted them all dead. Jenny knew he loved her and she needed to try and find away to make him not bad any more.

For a long book of three it was worth while reading. To much to add about what happens to all of them. So you'll just have to pick up the book and read it. Well, I'm off to start my next book. Remember to read a good book, it might change you or open you up to something different.

Monday, February 4, 2013

Guilty Pleasures by Laurell K. Hamilton

This is the first book in the Anita Blake Vampire hunter series. I will just say it was a very good read.

Anita is a vampire hunter and an animator too. Which meant that she can raise the dead and put them back. She has been called to investigate the murder of vampires. Which over all didn't really bother her. The more that weren't around the better she felt. She didn't realized that one of the biggest and more powerful vampire in the city was wanting a meeting with her.

Nikolaos is over 1000 years old and looks more like a child then an adult. When Jean-Claude takes her to see Nikolaos things weren't ever going to quite be the same for Anita again. She couldn't tell anyone what was going on with her but she found out that Nikolaos was hiring her to solve the vampire murders.

Then, She takes Jean-Claude and punishes him for doing something that not even she knew about. Edward a friend of hers sort of, has shown up to find out where Nikolaos was and he was planning on killing her. Anita begins to have strange dreams with Jean-Claude in them.

Anita meets Philip and asks him to help her find out more information. He works for Jean-Claude and tries to seduce her but she just slaps him down.

By the end of the book, you find out what happens but being that this is just the first book in the series and I guess I'll have to wait to see what happens in the next one. Well, I'm off to start my next book. Remember to read a good book and then you'll probably pick up another one too.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Midnight Alley by Rachel Caine

This is the third book in the Morganville series. Claire is still living in the glass house with Micheal, Eve and Shane. After what happened to Micheal and with Shane's dad, she had made a deal with Amelie. She now has to wear a bracelet around her wrest. It took her friends at the house some time to get the idea that it was Claire's idea and they had no choice but to deal with it.

Amelie had told Claire that she was going to be working with Myrnin. He's a very sick vampire but needs help trying to find a way to save the vampires there from certain death. What Claire does realize that he could kill her at any time. He's very sick and at times doesn't act like he should, more like he's crazy at times. He also forgets things. As the time goes by, she has helped him do what she needed to do to help but still couldn't find a cure for them. Not that she really wanted to in the first place.

Shane ends up getting stabbed and is in the hospital. Micheal tries to proect Claire from herself. Eve's brother shows up and there has been some girls getting murdered on top of everything. Over all the book is a good read and short. Its just now figuring out what's going to happen to Claire next and being that she's just 16, her parents are worried about her.

Well, I'm off to start another book now. Hope you've been enjoying the book reviews and have tried one or a few.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Switched by Amanda Hocking

This is the first book in the Trylle series by a new author. Its not a bad start to a new series. At 6 years old Wendy didn't understand why her mother hated her so much. Her mother tried to kill her with a knife but, her brother Matt saved her.

As years went by they had moved from one place to another. Now where they lived, she started going to school and Matt would drop her off and pick her up. In one of her classes there was this guy that just kept on staring at her. Finially at the dance he asks her to dance and he tells her his name is Finn. What Wendy doesn't know is that her life is about to change.

Elora is Wendy's real mother and a Trylle. She is also queen over everyone in the place. Finn takes Wendy with him when some people try to take her away. She learns that she's a princess and needs to learn what is means to be princess. Wendy is having feelings for Finn and he knows he feels the same way but, they can never be together because of what she is.

Wendy's having problems with her real mom and how she treats her and others. She doesn't want to be Princess, she just wants to go back home. She meets a few others while she in her real moms house. Rhys is really Matt's brother and he was raised with Wendy's real mom the queen. Now she needs to figure out what to do after finding out that Finn is leaving for good and that she's made the decision to leave and go back to Matt. She's also taking Rhys with her as will.

Well, its time to start a new book. Hope if you haven't read this one that you will. Remember to pick up a good book and read it. You maybe surprised at what can grab you by your pants.

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Awakened by P. C. Cast and Kristin Cast

This is the 8th book in the house of night series. Every time I read one of these books I can't seem to not but it down. Zoey Redbird soul isn't shattered any more and she and Start are still on the ilse of Skye. The vampyre queen there has told her that she can stay there as long as she wants. In many ways she really wants to. Her losing Heath has been hard but now she knows she's in love with Stark.

But then Jack is killed by Neferet. Stevie Ray calls and tells Zoey that she has to come back to Telsa where she belongs. Its a sad thing and she knows she's needed there. Being that Neferet is evil she makes the decision to go back.

Stark is having problems with strange dreams and it may be coming from Kalona who is back. The Raven Mocker Rephaim has come back to Kalona but he's not the same as he was because, he's in love with Stevie Rae. But in the form he's in he can't feel the way he should.

With all that has been going on in this book. You'll have to read what happens to Zoey and her friends. What Neferet's plans are for the school and the world. Life for Zoey and Stark has just started and will it last. Stevie Rae and Rehpaim have had some changes happen, will things work for them in the long run.

I'll just say this, read the book and find out what happens. I still think their good reads. Well, I'm off to start my next book. Remember to enjoy a good book.