Wednesday, December 30, 2015

The Promises she keeps by Erin Healy

Promise had a lung disease that was going to kill her sooner then later. She was waiting for Zack to show up. She was standing close to the cliffs that looked out onto the ocean. What she didn't know was that her life was going to change in only a few minutes.

Chase and his sister Chelsea were twins but, Chase had Autism. He loved to draw pictures of trees and spent most of his days doing that. They would take only a few hours or so and walk to get ice cream. He liked to keep the to the same way of doing things.

Porta Cerreto is Zacks much older mother, she was also a witch and was in search of immortality. Which would become the death of her or others that would get in her way. When she heard about Promises accidents and that she survived. Porta thought that she had found what she was looking for. Things end up becoming quite dangerous.

Chase had a good heart and seemed to care about people a lot. He started to give his pictures away. It confused his sister to why he was doing that.

The book started out a little slow but, it picked up the farther you read. Its a good story and I'm not going to spoil the ending.

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Spirit walk by Richie Tankerslry Cusick

This is a two in one book. Walk of the spirits and Shadow mirror. They tell the story of Miranda Barnes and her mom moving to St. Yvette's. She meets Ashley, Gage, Parker, Roo and Etienne. She also meets her Aunt Teeta. Finds out a little bit about her grandfather who dies not long after they moved there.

She finds out that she has a special gift for hearing and seeing spirits. She also starts to feel really close to Etienne and he has a habit of showing up in her room. When they are close to each other she feels really hot all over.

She need to solve the mystery of the spirits that were visiting her and her friends wanted to help her solve it. Gage loved to do the research on about anything and the rest just liked to talk and bring up ideas to help Miranda.

By the time you get to the second book you start to wonder what's going to happen to Miranda. Is she going to get together with Etienne or Gage who also seems to like her. But in this book the spirits are a lot more difficult to figure out what they want and how she can help them.

The book is fast paced and will worth the read. There are some surprises in store and the ending is great.

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Twilight/life and death by Stephenie Meyer

This is the tenth anniversary of twilight. It was the first book in the series. Stephenie decided to change things up and write a slightly different book but, instead of it being a human girl like Bella was, it was a human boy with a girl vampire.

I'll say this, the book was quite like the original. Rene and charlie are still the parents but there are some changes that will surprise some of the true fans of the twilight books. The Cullens are still there but, they are different. Instead of a male as the head of the family its a woman. The names are changed. Beau, is the human  that falls in love with the female vampire who's name is Edythe. The story tells it from Beau's point of view.

With much of the story line the same as the other book, it would be quite a fast read. There are some changes that will surprise those that weren't looking at what was coming next. The ending is good. I'm not going to blow it for those that haven't read this yet.

If your a major fan of the twilight series. I'll say read this other virgin. You might just be happy you did. I really can't write to much about it, other then it was good. Hope you read it.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

The finding by Nicky Charles

Cassie Greyson left her home because of a werewolf attacked her uncles attorney. She meets Kellen who decides to let her stay with him. For about three years she's been working at a grosery store and living in a small house. Kellen has had problems with gambling and she's tried to help him out. What she doesn't know is that things are about to turn out really bad.

Byran has been the one to go in search for Cassie. Because of the Finding clause she is theirs to bring back to the pack. Ryne has told Byran to be careful and not get the pack there upset. Byran finds her and things aren't exactly as they should be. Cassie doesn't trust anyone and she can sense that he's a werewolf. She's never quite like the voices she hears inside her head. She's been trying to keep it some coming out.

Marla is the lady that's working for Cassie's attorney. He's bent on taking control of everything and has plans to get Cassie back and send her up. He wants to destroy the werewolves because of the attack that happened on him and Cassie is his way of doing it. Byran just wants things to go smoothly. But when it comes to Cassie it may not.

Things happen between her and him and he realizes that she's the one he's been dreaming about. She is asking all kinds of questions and Byran tries to explain the best he can. Cassie doesn't exactly know if she can have a relationship with Byran or her wolf. Her wolf want to do certain things that she doesn't want or does she.

Her uncles attorney finds Kellen and brings him to his penthouse. Cassie wants to help get him out but, to Byran he thinks its to dangerous to do so.

If you want to find out how the book turns out. You'll have to read it. Will Bryan and Cassie see that they are met to be. Will here uncles attorney have his way. I'm not giving anything away, pick up the book. Well, I'm off to start another book. Enjoy a book.

Friday, April 3, 2015

Asylum by Madeliene Roux

Sixteen year old Dan Crawford got in at a summer program at a college. What he didn't know was that it used to be an Asylum. When his arrives for his first day he sees that there's going to be a lot of kids going through the same thing he is. He meets Jordan and Abby in one of the lines waiting to here how things are going to work. He doesn't realize that he and many other students will be staying in the Asylum part, that was turned into dorms.

Dan meets his roommate Felix. The guy seems a little strange. He tells him about the basement that's closed off from the rest of the place. When things start to go a little strange for him. He talks Jordan and Abby into checking out the old place. With Jordan knowing how to pick locks they get in without any problems. Dan also starts to have a crush on Abby.

Dan and them find the old wardens office and then, Dan finds out that his name was Danny Crawford like his name. Checking out more of the place he finds things like files and old pictures of some of the people that used to work there as will as lived there. After reading a note the hairs on Dan's neck starts to stand up. He knows he needs to leave the area but, something keeps nagging at him. Who was Danny Crawford and what kind of things really happened when this place was open.

Jordan starts acting funny and Abby isn't quite herselfe after thier visit down there. Dan starts to get notes that he has knows idea of who is sending them. After a period of time other things end up happening. One of the kids is killed another is hurt. But know one knows how it happens. Dan finally asks Abby out and things go real well.

Dan still needs to figure out what is really happening here. He knows that going back downstairs he would find the answers. He decides to take a trip back down there to find out if he can find out anything. Abby decides to go along with him. They both find more information and Abby finds out that her dad had a sister that used to be a there. She knew she needed to tell him about her and find out what she can.

By the end of the book you find out what happens and things come together to make you wonder, is the place haunted by the past? Does all the things that happened here make for this place to be even used by the school. Well, you'll have to read the book to find out how it ends. Its worth reading.