Monday, December 2, 2013

Sweep vol. 4 by Cate Tiernan

This is the 4th book in the Sweep series. Morgan is still very much in love with Hunter. Hunter though has decided to go look for his father and mother that is in Canada. His trip would take him how ever long he needed to be gone. Morgan had palns the night before he was to leave and Hunter was very willing to do so, but, something in him changed his mind. He left the next morning to travel to find his parents.

After arriving in the town that his parents were last seen, it took him a little bit to get to their house. When he arrived what he found was just a man that looked like he'd aged so much. His mother was know where to be found. His dad at first didn't want to talk about it. Also there was something else going on with his dad. He was doing something that was draining him. He was contacting his mother. It took everything that Hunter had in him to do what was needed to save his father. By the end it worked.

Some time later he got an assignment to deal with someone that was keeping a list of peoples real names. She also spelled herself to try and get Hunter to become hers. With hunters father's help he was able to do what didn't to be done. The trip back home was sort of long and he brought his father with him.

Morgan wasn't happy about hearing what happened while Hunter was gone, She didn't know what to feel. Then, she got a message from her father. Which just shocked her. At first she didn't know what to do. Her father asked to see her and that's when she found out that he wanted her to join him which she said no. In doing so she also knew that he decided to send the dark wave to kill her and everyone that she loved. She needed to figure out how she could stop it. Telling Hunter and his dad did worn them. After that it was up to Hunter's father to figure out what to do.

To find out what happens, whether they die or live you'll have to read the book. This series is really good. Well, I'm off to start my next book.

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