Thursday, July 21, 2011

The Secret Circle #2 by L. J. Smith

This is a 2 in 1 book. The last two books in this series. The captive part two and The power.
Cassie was part of the coven now and Faye was the one pulling her strings. But, what Faye didn't know was that Cassie had plans of her own. She was feeling stronger and was willing to stand her ground. She didn't know how it would end but, she had know choice. She told Faye she wasn't going to do any more things for her and faye said that she was going to tell everyone what she had done. Faye started out by telling them some truths then ended up telling lies.
Adam stuck up for Cassie. Telling everyone in the coven what really happened between them at Cape cod. At first Diana had problems dealing with it. Then, as things came out more she started to realize that there was something more going on then it seemed.
Then, the skull, faye did the cermonie with it and released Black John. He is evil and it was going to take all of them to fight him. Also, they need to find the real tools because that would give them more power to fight it.
With Cassie's mom still asleep and no one knowing whether she would wake up. The one thing that made Cassie upset was finding her grandmother dying. But, Cassie was told by her grandmaother that she was strong with the power and she could stop him with help from the others in the coven.
Cassie and Nick got together for a short time. Which made Adam not to happy about it.
By the end of the book you'll find out how things turn out. Whether they get rid of Black John. What ends up happening between Cassie and Adam. Read the books you'll want to finish them. Their worth picking up.
Well, I'm off to start my next book now. Remember a good book is always worth reading.

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