Monday, July 11, 2011

Body of Evidence by Patricia Cornwell

Well this is a Scarpetta novel and the second one I've read so far. The book is good if you like mystery, suspence, and murder. Everything you would enjoy if you love books like that.
Kay Scarpetta is called to the scene of a murder. Beryl Madison was murdered in her home. Stabbed so many times it was over kill. Marino one of the cops was there and as always Kay wasn't surprised to see that he was his witting self. He was telling her what she would find and she knew that this case like many of the other ones she's worked on wasn't going to one easy to solve. It was job to find the reason behind the killing and to let the cops arrest the person. But, Kay was going to find out that this case was going to bring about something that could get in killed as will.
After a long night and finally getting home there were messages on her phone machine. One was from Mark James. Someone from her past and someone she didn't think she was going to ever hear from again. To her surprise there was his voice.
A day or so later he shows up at her house. Wanting to talk. What Kay doesn't know is that he has information about Beryl's murder and that he was wanting her to come to New York to meet his boss. What ends up happening is that Mark's boss wants the manuscript that Beryl was working. Which Kay tells him she hasn't got it, which she wasn't lying about.
About a week later, Carl Harper ends up beaten and dead in his driveway. Then, that night Carl's sisteer kills herself. From all that has come about Kay knows there's things going on and it looks like its up to her to figure it out. She plans a trip down to Key west to see if she can find out more information. Ends up meeting PJ, one of the guys that knew Beryl.
By the end of the book you'll know what ends up happening. Not telling. But, the book is a good read. Well, time to start my next book now. Tell we meet again. Enjoy!


  1. I have read the entire Scarpetta series and enjoyed pretty much all of it immensely.

    If you like Patricia Cornwell, you will likely also enjoy Kathy Reichs books; if you have not already read them. Her books inspired the t.v. series Bones, though they don't track the books on the t.v. show.

  2. I read this book a few years ago and enjoyed it. A fast read with lots of excitement. Great review.