Sunday, April 14, 2013

UnEnchanted #1 by Chanda Hahn

This is the first book in an unfortunate fairy tale series. Mina Grime has tried to avoid being seen or noticed. But the day they take a tour of the bakery is the day that Mina's life will change. The cat walk they are on collapse and Brody a very popular and good look guy almost falls down until Mina grabs ahold of his hand in which it almost takes her along with.

In saving Brody she ends up with her picture being in the news paper and her mother Sara packing up everything again to leave town. It seems that they have been running from something and Mina asks her mom why. Her mom explains that she is the great, great, grandchild of the grimm brothers. This starts the cycle of a curse on her family for over a hundred years. Mina tells her mother that she is going to try to change it.

Nan is Mina's best friend for the last two years and Mina tells her about the curse on her family which Nan says she's more the willing to help her with it. Mina needs to find the grimmore because it could help her with what she needs to do. Each one of the stories is a fairy tale and she need to live each one and survive it.

Brody has been trying to find her and talk to her. Mina had gone over to his house to drop something off but, ends up running over her bike. Then one day she had been getting attacked by a big guy that smells like a wolf. Jake a guy she's never seen before saves her. The next day he show up at her school as a student. Tells her that he's there to help her but only if she wants.

Things really so start to happen between her and Brody. Her life is in danger and he wants to protect her. You'll have to read the book to see what happens because I'm not telling. I'll just add this, its a really interesting story.

Well, I'm off to start another book. Remember good books don't always come in paper they also come by ebook as will.

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