Saturday, April 20, 2013

The last call by George Weir

Will Travis likes to help people out. When it comes to money but this morning on his way into the office there was a very pretty young girl eyeing him. He was watching her as will. By the time he made it to the office and said good morning to Penny his assistant, that same young girl was waiting to speak to him. Her name was Julie and she was much prettier in person then with the sun on her face.

She told him a story about her needing help with hiding some money she came into. But he knew there was more to it. He started to ask her more questions about what's really going on. By the end of her story he knew that she was in more trouble then he thought. She didn't have any place to go right now and he decided to take her to his house. What came from that was her and him sleeping together. He never knew he could feel like he is. But he knew that he needed to help her.

In the morning he decided to go see his friend Hank and see if he'd be able to help. Hank was a man that was more of a business acquaintance than anything. Hank, Will and Julie all went out to his place. While talking there were noises coming from outside and the next thing that came was shotgun fire. Will made his way outside to try and get who ever it was, but they were gone.

There was a lot more that Julie hadn't told them and he needed all the information. After her hearing that, she told them that she stole a bunch of money from a really bad person. Will got to thinking about what the hell he's gotten himself into but, he knew he needed to help her out of this. With people trying to kill her and them, it needed to get taken care of real fast.

Read the story to find out what happens. It turns out to be a very good story. Worth reading. Well, its time for me to start another one. Remember a good book isn't far away and with the different ways of reading now a days. It could be only an ebook away or bookstore.

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  1. So glad I came across your blog! This book seems really interesting!