Friday, June 14, 2013

Beautiful Demons by Sarra Cannon

This is the first book in the Peachville high demons series. Harper was on her way to another place to live after something ended up happening in the foster home she was staying in. Mrs. Meeks is her caseworker she wasn't real happy with Harper. Mrs. Meeks tells Harper that she's going to a new place and this is the last one and if anything happens there she will be going to juvanile detention for the next two years.

The home she's heading to is in the small town of Peachville. The house was big and Harper was nervous about moving there. She met one of the women that was in charge of the place and explained the rules to her. Mrs. Shadowford was the owner of the house and stayed there with the other girls. There were only three others and Anges was one and she talks her head off. Ella Mae lived out back with her son Jackson. Haprer thought that Ella Mae seemed nice.

Harper knew that this was her last hope. She needed to be careful what she did. Her first day at school wasn't exactly what she hoped. She got into a fight with Tori one of the cheerleaders. Which ment she had a new enemy. Things started to not go will for the rest of the week. She always knew she was different.

Friday night was the football game and everyone had to go. Harper always wore her mothers neckless but, that night she seemed to have lost it. She snuck out to go find it. She saw Tori and some guy. Harper left. The next day Harper was called out of the school because some how Tori was murdered. After getting questioned by the cops and let go to go home. Harper was very tired and didn't seem to feel so good. The next thing she knew she was on the floor. After that she was told when she woke up that she had been sick and sleeping for almost a week. Which didn't make since to her.

Everything had changed for Harper after that. Even her memory wasn't quite like it was. I'm not going to give the ending up though. I'll just say it was pretty good.

Well, I'm off to start another book. Remember to pick up a good book. Never know how the story is tell you read it.