Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Persistence of memory by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes

Erin Misrahe Just wanted to be like every other teenager but she knew she wasn't. The problems she had, she had since she was a young girl. She kept ending up in someone elses body and mind. She thought she was crazy. She'd spent time in a hospital for most of her life. She met Sassy there and they became friends. She met Marissa at school and they became friends tell certain things started to happen again. Erin was starting to see things again. She knew it wasn't good.
Shevaun was a vampire and very powerful. Erin was for some reason able to be inside her head and know things. Adjila was a witch and very powerful. Shevaun decided she was going to find this girl that's become a part of her. She made a promise that she wouldn't kill her. Adjila knew that something needed to happen to protect Shevaun and because he loved her he was going to do everything that he could.
Well, being that this was a very short book. That's all I'm telling you. If you want to know what happens, pick up the book. It was good, a fast read and of course being its written by an author I haven't read before, I was quite surprised that I enjoyed it.
I'm off to start another book now. Keep coming back a read what's added on here. You never know what will be added next. Enjoy you reading because I know I do.


  1. sometime you find more interesting books from the unknown authors. i read your article and now i want to read this as well


  2. I haven't heard of this book before- but it sounds fantastic. I like that is it shorter- because sometimes that is refreshing after reading longer books. The fact that you liked it and were surprised makes me want to read it!


  3. Yes, I need something short after the Game of thrones and 11-22-63 were huge. I like your reviews. Keep it up.

    P.S You could work with your font to make it less bright and pleasing to the eye.