Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Switched by Amanda Hocking

This is the first book in the Trylle series by a new author. Its not a bad start to a new series. At 6 years old Wendy didn't understand why her mother hated her so much. Her mother tried to kill her with a knife but, her brother Matt saved her.

As years went by they had moved from one place to another. Now where they lived, she started going to school and Matt would drop her off and pick her up. In one of her classes there was this guy that just kept on staring at her. Finially at the dance he asks her to dance and he tells her his name is Finn. What Wendy doesn't know is that her life is about to change.

Elora is Wendy's real mother and a Trylle. She is also queen over everyone in the place. Finn takes Wendy with him when some people try to take her away. She learns that she's a princess and needs to learn what is means to be princess. Wendy is having feelings for Finn and he knows he feels the same way but, they can never be together because of what she is.

Wendy's having problems with her real mom and how she treats her and others. She doesn't want to be Princess, she just wants to go back home. She meets a few others while she in her real moms house. Rhys is really Matt's brother and he was raised with Wendy's real mom the queen. Now she needs to figure out what to do after finding out that Finn is leaving for good and that she's made the decision to leave and go back to Matt. She's also taking Rhys with her as will.

Well, its time to start a new book. Hope if you haven't read this one that you will. Remember to pick up a good book and read it. You maybe surprised at what can grab you by your pants.

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