Friday, October 11, 2013

Beneath the cracks by L.S.Sygnet

Helen Erikison moved to Darkwater bay to get away from some of the things that had happened when she was on the west coast.She's has a Ph.D and works with the cops. They have been working on a case that had to do with a cop getting murdered and who he was working for was someone that Helen knew, Johnny Orion. Johnny was in love with Helen but, she tried to keep her distance. Not everything with her is what it seems. Johnny knows that something is going on with her, what he don't know is that Helen killed her husband.

Trying to solve the murder was one thing that Helen was good at. That's why she worked for the FBI at one time. She had many things come to light. As bad as these murders were things weren't going to get solved without her doing what she does best. Helen and the two cops she's been working with start to find leads that bring them to an old farm. To Helen things don't seem right after she talks to a doctor there. She swears that he's not telling her everything but, after picking him up he ends up dead. Which just adds more to the who done it.

With the help of people that she knows she's able to get a warrant that almost causes her and the two cops to end up dead. But they find all kinds of things out at the farm. The case is almost solved tell Helen ends up getting shot.

Well, that's all I'm going to tell you. This book is worth reading just to find out how and why she gets shot, what happens between her and Johnny and I'm off to start another book. Read a good book, you never know how good it is tell you read it. This one was quite good and also part of a series.

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