Thursday, September 11, 2014

Virals by Kathy Reichs

This the first book in the virals series. Tori Brennan is the niece of Temperance Brennan. She lives with her dad Kit on a Island called Morris. Her three friends, Sheltan, Ben and Hi are all considered Geeks. Them and her make up a great team. Tori has this thing about dogs, better yet a wolf dog. She has mated with a German Shepard. They had two pups.

They all go to the same school. Tori is only 14 years old but very smart. She and her friends decide to take a trip to loggerhead island to see the pups. But one pup is missing and the wolf dog isn't real happy about it. So Tori talks the others into breaking into the labs to see if they can find him. She's named him cooper. All their parents work in the lab and if they get caught they will be in huge trouble. But they do it anyways. What they find is the pup and he's sick with Parvo. Tori decides to try to save him but, doesn't realize that what he's carrying is going to change them.

A day or so later they had been doing some snooping around and found a set of dog tags. They couldn't figure out who's they were but, a mystery was coming and Tori and her friends were good at those. They made one more attempt at the lab to find out what info they could. Then they took a trip to the library and found out the the guys dog tags were connected to his young girls disappearance. They knew they needed to find her body and what happened. They didn't know that it could end them up getting shot at.

As the mystery unfolds more they find the bones but, they end up disappearing too. Tori and her friends also notice that things about them has been changing too. They have been ill for awhile. They can't tell anyone but, they need to know what's going on with them.

I'm not giving away any more of the story. You'll have to read the book to find out the ending. Well, I'm off to start another book. Remember a good book is never far from your reach.