Sunday, January 31, 2016

The 5th wave by Rick Yancey

This is a very interesting story. Its the first book in the series. Its about aliens coming to the planet and killing millions of people.

Cassie, her brother Sammy and dad are all living in the same house for now. Their father is trying to take care of their mother but, she's dying. Cassie knows that's it isn't going to be much longer and then they'll have to figure out what they are going to do. Their dad digs a hole and put their mother into it. They say good bye.

Within 24 hours they leave and find this camp to stay in. There are a bunch of other people there and their kids. After being there for a few weeks, these army people show up. They tell us that all the kids are going on the yellow buses. Cassie doesn't like it. She doesn't want to say good bye to her brother but, she has no choice.

Something inside of Cassie tells her that something isn't right. She tells one of the soldiers that she needs to find this other kid. After they leave to hike through the woods, Cassie decides she's going to kill the soldier. Just after she shoots the soldier all hell brakes out. She needs to think fast. As soon as a green glow starts she dives into a hole and waits it out.

Cassie knows that her dad is dead along with everyone else in the camp. She is now by herself. She walks a ways tell she finds a store she can get camping stuff from. She goes deep into the woods and stays there. What she doesn't know is that she is being watched.

Sammy finds out that the place he's taken too is an army base. They are turning the kinds into soldiers for some reason. What he doesn't know is that they are given implants that could kill them.

Cassie ends up trying to find a place to stay warm and ends up getting shot in the leg. The next thing she knows is that she's in a bed and her leg is bandaged. When she looks around and sees a good looking guy looking at her. She doesn't know him and isn't quite sure she can trust him. As time goes by, she does find out the truth about him.

I'm not going to give away much more about the story. They did make the book into a movie. But I'll just say this, its a pretty good read.

Note: Will I"m starting to read some more now. I'll be working on finishing up series that I've started and hadn't finished. Plus, will be adding new books to my blog here. Hope you stick around and read what books are added. I'm on my way to getting to 200 books.

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