Friday, May 6, 2016

Hollow city by Ransom Riggs

This is the second novel to Miss Peregrine's pecullar children. Jacom Pullman has left with about 10 of the children in search of a way to bring Miss Peregrine back to herself. But in doing so way to many things have happened. Most of their friends have died trying to protect the others.

Hollows are nasty creatures that are after them, They eat Perullar children. Wights are just as bad. They have taken all the childrens protection from them. With all they are worried about, being in the boats they are in isn't as safe as they thought. A storm started up and they needed to try a figure out what to do. Some of them can't swim, some can.

Emma for now is their leader and she tries to keep everyone calm. She knows that the storm will be over soon but, the boats get turned over and they have to swim. But to where. They don't know where they are. Then Olive said she sees land and they swim as hard as they can to shore.

They needed to make it to London but, when they got up to look around, it didn't seem they knew where they were. Millard had pulled out the book they had saved and was flipping through it so he could read a story to everyone. They knew the stories told of older percullar children.

The story was about a giant that turned to stone. Olive was happy and she also believed in the story.They started making their way through the forest tell they found a loop. The loop takes them to a place they've never been before. The Olive starts screaming when she notices the huge stone. They make their way to it and start to climb up. This is where they meet a talking dog named Addison. He talks to them and tells them that the person their looking for isn't there. They get food and then, get a little food.

Their hoping to find Miss Wren in hope that she can help them. London is diffenently their next stop its just figuing out which time they need to be in. Hoping they don't run into any more hollows.

Well, I'm not giving anything else away. You'll have to pick up the book. Note: Some of the pictures are great and weird as will. They do add to the story as your reading them.

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