Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Innocence by Dean Koontz

When Addison Goodheart was born the woman that was there wanted to kill him. He looked different then other babies. His mom stopped that but, she had  a hard time dealing with him. By the time he was eight years old she finally told him he needed to get out. He at first didn't understand but, finally ended up staying in the woods around the cabin his mom lived in.

When his mom killed herself, he had no choice but to leave and find some other place to live and go. He walked and walked tell he came to a church that was having a picnic outside. He hadn't eaten in awhile and decided to steal some food. When the pastor saw him and what he looked like, He became angry and wanted to hurt Addison. Addison ran fast to get out of there.

Addison caught a ride on a flat bed truck and made it into the city. He'd only been in the city for a few hours when he met the guy he would call father for the next 10 years or so. Father taught him how to live away from others so he would be safe.

One night they were walking around with their faces covered. When a cop car with two cops in it, stopped them. Father did what he knew he needed to do to protect Addison. He uncovered his face and soon as the cops saw his face the cop pulled his gun and shot him. Addison had climbed under the nearest car.

After fathers death, Addison had been alone for awhile. He made his way to the library. He always went there late in the evenings to read. But that night he saw a young girl running away from some guy that probably worked there. She faked him out and had made him think she took off down the street but, she had come back and hid out.

Gwyneth was about 18 and wore make-up like goths do. She wanted to hide what she really looked like. Addison didn't know what to think. He couldn't let her look at him and she told him she didn't like to be touched. She also told him that the guy that was chasing her, his name is Telford. She just said he's a creap and will be getting his soon enough.

Telford wanted to kill her but, before that he wanted to rape her. Addison really didn't know what to think but, he knew the guy was evil.

Well, you'll have to read the book to find out what happens. I'll just say this, its an ending that you won't believe but, its also different.

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