Sunday, March 6, 2011

Dead to the world by Charlaine Harris

This is the fourth book in the Sookie Stockhouse series.
Sookie's on her way from home when she see's someone running along the side of the street. She decides to help and pulls over, gets out and right off hand she notices it's Eric. But, there's something different about him. Besides him being only in pants, he seems to not know who she is. She finally talks him into her car and isn't sure what's going throught his mind. After getting home she calls Pam the one person that might know what's going on with him.
Later on, she shows up with one othe vampire from the club. She explains what happened and that Eric has some kind of curse on him. It was going to take time find those that did it and that it wouldn't be a bad idea if Erik stayed here with me to hide out.
For Sookie this wasn't something she wanted to deal with again. It was possible for her to get hurt again and she really wasn't going to want to do it. But, because she was going to get paid to do so. She did.
As a few days passed and her and erik alone in the her house. She hadn't exspected the what was going to happen to her was going to happen. They ended up sleeping together. Not just once but many times. Even though she is human and him a vampire it just made things hard on her.
Sookie's brother Jason had disappeared. It was weighing on her. There was also another problem. the were's and shape shifter were getting together with some of the vampires and witches that were good to fight for what was theirs. It was going to become a war.
If you've been keeping up with your reading of my blog, you would know that I seem to read a lot of series. I like this one because there is always more going on in the book then I expect while I'm reading it. Read the book to find out how it ends. If you've read the series before then you know what I'm talking about. It's a good book.
Well, I'm now off to start another book. Always remember to read a good book I know I do.

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