Saturday, February 26, 2011

Gone by Lisa McMann

This is the last book in the Wake trilogy.
Janie is spending a week with Cabel and hos brother's family out at a lodge on a lake. They had been relaxing when she decides to take a walk and do some thinking. Partly because she's tired of slipping into Cabel's dreams. Sitting there thinking about things, she decides to open her cellphone and check messages. Her friend Carrie leaves a message about something being wrong with her mom and says that she's taking her mom to the hospital.
When she gets back to Cabel she lets him listen to the message. They tell cabel's brother and them that thier heding back to town. When they get to the hospital, Janie has to find out where her mother is. She's not a patient though. They sit in a waiting room for Janie's mom to come out. Just then, in walks her mom. She tells Janie that the person that she was seeing is her dad.
Janie never knew her dad or anything about him. Her mom had pretty much not said anything to her.
Janie and Cabel takes her mom back home. Her mom is a drunk and she makes herself up a drink and goes to hide in her room. Janie has other things going on in her head. Like she needs to have something else too. Cabel asks her if she wants to go see him. She sits there for a few and doesn't say much.
Because Janie is a dream catcher, She's been slowly losing her site. So, she has to depend on Cabel to take her places. She finally make the decision to go see her dad. When they arrive at his door and open it, Janie get sucked into her dad's dream. It takes her awhile to come out of it. But, for some reason she gets the feeling she needs to find out more about who this person is.
As the story goes on. Things start to come out more to her. Besides finding out more about her dad. She has to make a decision about what she needs to do about things to come for her and what is best for who to do.
Well, I will say that the ending will shock you. So, pick up the book and find out how it ends. Now, I'm off to start another book.

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