Friday, April 8, 2011

The Alibi by Sandra Brown

Hammond Cross is the DA of Charleston. He had decided to take a trip out to his cabin for the weekend to unwind. On his way he stops by a fair. After walking around for a short time he stops by where there is music being played and from a distance he sees a very beautiful woman glancing his way. He's not sure if he wants to walk right up to her and talk to her, but when some guys start to hassle her, he steps in. After that he talks her into dancing with him then, they spend time together for awhile.
What he doesn't know is that he's been so attracted to her that when she leaves he ends up following her. He's very bold and walks right up to her and kisses her. He then tells her to follow him and not say no. When they end up at his cabin they end up making love. Hammond doesn't even knew her name and by morning she's gone.
Lute Pettijohn was a very powerful man and he's dead. Someone had mudered him and it was up to Rory Smilow and Stefanie Mundell to find out what happened. She works with Hammond Cross as one of the DA's. Which turns out to be a mess for Hammond when the lady he's with a Dr. Alex Ladd is accused of the murder. Inside of Hammond he knows that she didn't do it and now he needs to figure out who did.
Hammond's feelings start to get in the way when he sees her for the second time. He has never had such strong feelings for anyone like he has for her and he ends up breaking into her house to talk to her, but they end up in bed again. He knows he's getting into deep but, he can't help how he feels.
In the end, the truth comes out. You will have to read the book to know who done it. Its one shocking ending I'll tell you that. Like I said, I don't give away the ending. The book is worth picking up if you haven't read it.
Well, I'm off to start another book. Enjoy your reading, I know I will.


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