Friday, April 29, 2011

Tempted by P. C. Cast and Kristen Cast

This the sixth book in the house of night series and if by now you haven't read any of these books. I'll just tell you that you need to start reading these book. This book was awesome, very, very good.
Zoey Redbird and her friends had pretty much gotten rid of Kalona and Neferet by using the powers they has. Zoey is concidered the new high preistess of the house of night. Her friends and boyfriends, Eric and Hearth are all still staying with the nuns. Her grandma is still trying to recovering from what the raven mockers had done to her car.
Stevie Rae, Zoey's bestfriend and one of the red vampyres was making the rounds outside looking for any signs of any more raven mockers and ended up finding one still alive. She saw lots of blood and was being real careful in aproaching him. Looking at it, she could hear him say, kill me. Something inside of Stevie Rae told her that she couldn't do that. So, she dragged him into a shed and told him she would be back.
Zoey and all her friends have made the decision to go back to the house of night. They didn't know what the school looked like or what happened there after they left. But, they would exspect anything. Stark had made a promise to protect Zoey in a warriors oath. Even though she knew there was something more there between them.
Once back at the house of night. Things weren't back to normal. They could see a fire and that concerned them. But, to find out, the fire was for Dragons wife who was killed in fighting the raven mockers. It was very sad and Zoey and the rest of her friends had to do what they could to help everyone out.
But, Zoey was still having Kalona coming to her in her dreams. She had the feeling that he was lying to her and because of some stupid bond between her past and his, Zoey didn't know what to believe. Over all, as time went and things started to come together the idea of stopping Kalona and Neferet. So with help from one of the Vampyres at the school all of them were heading on a plane ride to Venice to meet with the High council of vampyres.
Well, I'm not blowing the end of the book. So, you'll just have to pick it up and read it. And now I'm off to start another book.

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