Friday, June 17, 2011

Fallen by Lauren Kate

This is the first book in the fallen series. I was sure of what kind of book it was going to be like. Then, I seemed very ingrossed into it. Its not a bad book.
Luce Price had problems in her old school and was being taken to another school to live. Sword & Cross was an old school where she didn't know anyone again. To make friends in a new school for anyone is hard. To many rules and kids that seemed to hae a lot of problems. Because of what happened to Trevor she wasn't sure about boys and getting involved with them. Plus, there was something else that she was dealing with, a dark shadow that seems to follow her where ever she went.
Arriane was that first person that befreinded her. She showed Luce some of the red cam's around the school. Standing in a line waiting for the first class was a guy she had a feeling that she might have known. His name is Daniel Grigori. Something about him just made her think that she'd known him for a very long time but, didn't know how.
Cam one of the other students there started to notice her and was wanting to befriend her. Luce didn't see anything wrong about it and would have never know that he could be someone that was very dangerous. Penn, had come up to her and her and luce started hangin out more and more. Penn was willing to help her find out more about Daniel.
Luce had been wanting to get closer to Daniel but for some reason her was playing hard to get. He would be rude to her a few times and then be nice. Luce had the feeling that there was something about him that she knew. She needed to know. But, as the story goes on. Tings end up happening and her and Daniel end up kissing and he them seems unsure of things between them. But, she knows deep down that he loves her.
By the end of the book you know what's going on and you will also know that there are things that won't be said tell you read the second one.
Over all, its not a bad book. A little slow but, it was worth sticking my nose in it and keep on reading. I liked it. Well, I'm off to start my next book. If you want to know the ending, pick up the book.

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