Sunday, June 5, 2011

In the woods by Tana French

At first this book was slow and then farther into it, it began to pick up. When you read books that seem to take you forever to get through at one time you start to think that you should put it down. I didn't.
Detective Rob Ryan and Cassie Maddox were called out on a murder of a young girl. Not something that they wished they would ever have to deal with but, it was their job. Rob Ryan wasn't his real name and the story behind who he really starts to come out as their investigation gets going. Adam Ryan is his real name and he was the only survior of his three friends on that day that they all three came up missing.
Rob had told Cassie one night when he was sleeping over at her house about him and who he was. What she didn't know was how much the case they were working on was going to effect him and his life. 
Katy Devlin was the girl that got mudered and finding who did was the detectives job. What takes them down certain roads in the story are people like Katy's family and the strange things that goes on there. Then, theres the archaeolgists working the site where the girls body was found. whatever happened there, they will fine out.
Rob makes a mistake by sleeping with Cassie and then treats her like crap. He was never really good at relationships. In the long run things for Rob becomes very hard for him to deal with.
Over all the book is good to read. Yes, its a little slow. But, once you get towards the end and things start to come together, you need to finish the book to see what happens.
Well, I'm off to start my next book. Pick up a book that you haven't read yet. Maybe, it will surprise you.

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