Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Dark Flame by Alyson Noel

This is the forth book in the Immortals series. Ever is struggling with a darkside of herself that's bent on destoring her. What she doesn't know is that it may just do that. After giving Haven the elixer she tries to explain the rules and Have doesn't want to listen to it. She says she'll figure it out on her own. Only cause Haven to hate her and want to hurt Ever.

Ever goes after Jude to prove something to herself only to cause him more pain. She knows she's got to fix it and in time does. Ever knows that Jude love her because he tells her but he's drugged up in doing so. Not quite willing to believe it and not feeling that she can tell Damen about it. She begins to feel alone in this tell she meets Ava again. Ave shows her how to get rid of that dark monster that's lurking inside of her.

Ever wants the antidote so bad so she and Damen can be together the way they should that she designs a plan to go see Roman. But, it doesn't turn out the way it should.He taunts her and tries to take the one thing that she's only willing to give to Damen.

Everything had seem to be getting back to normal with Ever that she plans to try one one time with Roman. Only to lose everything she has tried for yet again.

I'm not telling the ending you'll have to read the book. Well, I'm off to start another one. Remember to read a good book. You never know tell you try.

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