Wednesday, October 10, 2012

The strangers on Montagu street by Karen White

This the third book in the Tradd series and its as good as the others. At the end of the second book, Jack meets his daughter Nola. In the start of this book, Jack shows up at Melanie's house asking her a big favor. He wants to know wither she will take his daughter in for awhile being that their not getting along. Melanie knows that she's not sure if she wants to but, ends up telling him fine.

A few days later she's asked to go to Jack's parents store to talk to her about working where the stuff in her house should go because she was told that yet again she was going to have to move out so they can fix the foundation. While in the store Nola sees a very interesting dollhouse. But knowing Melanie she knows that there's something not right about the dollhouse. Before she knows it Nola's grandmother asks if Nola wants the doll house. Nola lights up for a few. The later on, her grandmother drops by and with her a few men and the dollhouse.

After a night with the dollhouse, Melanie starts noticing that things about that house aren't what they seem, so she asks Jack to do some searching to find out. With a little looking into it she and Jack find out that it blonged to a family that doesn't live to far from her mother's house. Mrs.Julia is an old woman and when Melanie starts to ask question about the dollhouse the lady starts yelling at them to leave her house. That just tells them that there is more going on and that Mrs. Julia is hiding things.

Nola's mom Bonnie is a ghost and has been trying to tell Melanie something. With Melanie's mothers help and Jack of course they will figure out the whole thing.

There has been something between her and Jack for some time. What Melanie couldn't figure tell later on was that she's in love with Jack but, she doesn't know how he really feels and she needs to hear those three words come out of his mouth, I love you.

By the end of the book, many things end up happening. You'll just have to read it and if you like me, while reading you pray that her and Jack do finally end up together. It was a very good book.

Well, I'm off to start my next book. Remember to pick up a good book. You never know where it will take you or how it will make you feel.

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