Friday, December 14, 2012

Torment by Lauran Kate

This is the second in the fallen series. Luce is taken to a new school to hide out. Not knowing the truth about the reason why, Daniel had picked her up and flew her to the new school. Luce has had to many chances in her life but, she knew that she loved Daniel.

At the knew school she meets her new roommate Shelby and a guy named Miles. What she doesn't know is that know of her from her past lives and stories that have been told throughout the school. It was going to take Luce some getting used too. She is still seeing those annoucers that look like Blackholes. But she needs to figure out how to glimce what's inside them so she can find out the truth about what's going on. Being that Daniel isn't willing to tell her the truth. His showing up and them getting into a fight doesn't help make her feel any better about what he's been telling her.

So her and Shelby and mile decide to go on a little trip beck to one of her past lives but only to get themselves into trouble. Things aren't making any since to her and things that have been happening with Cam showing up and killing an outcast, doesn't help either. She is grounded after the trip but, she finds out that its all being done to protect her.

By the end of the book things change and Luce makes a decision. What happens you'll just have to read the book. I can't give away the ending but, it will make you want to read the next book so you can find out what happens. Well, I'm off to start my next book now. Remember a good book is never that far away. Pick up a good book you never know where it will take you.

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