Friday, March 1, 2013

Matched by Ally Condie

This is the first book in another series that I just started. Cassie is a 17 year old girl that is happy its her birthday and that its the matching banquet. Tonight she finds out who her match is going to be. She's not really nervous either. As they deliver the food to everyone there and they eat. Cassie tries to find her friend Xander who is also there for the same reason as her. To Cassie's surprise she is called and her match is called and its Xander. She has the biggest smile on her face. She's so happy because she knows her match and he lives in the same area as her.

Once at home and relaxing the next day, she decides to look at it. What she see is Xander first then it blinks off and someone Else's face is shown, its Ky. At first she thinks its a mistake then things start to change for her. She starts to notice that Ky is noticing her and there are certain things that end up happening like, him showing up more to activities and other things. She had signed up for hiking and he's there as will.

She starts to look more forward to hiking because Ky is there. He starts showing her how to write and leaves her with questions about who he really is. She learns that she feels differently then she's supposed to feel about things. The society she lives in has very stricked rules about certain things and she could get into a lot of trouble. But something in her tells her she doesn't care about that. She's falling in love with Ky and she hopes he is too.

By the end of the book things start to change in Cassie's life more and she loses Ky and in some ways she loses Xander for telling him how she really feels. But she knows deep down that she can't live without him and needs to figure out what to do.

I'll have to say that the book is pretty good. If you haven't read it them maybe you should. Well, I'm off now to start another book. Remember to pick up a good book and read it. It may just take you some where, where you've never been before and you'd be happy to have gone there. Read a good book.


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  2. I enjoyed this series, too, even though I'm not always a huge fan of what is labeled as "teen" reads. Well, I loved Hunger Games, of course! I recently read another young adult book titled A Week with Fiona Wonder that I received as an early reviewer program through (great site, btw). I have a review of it on my blog at As someone who reads more of this genre, I'd be interested in what you thought of the book!