Sunday, March 17, 2013

Blindman's Bluff by Faye Kellerman

Peter Decker is a lieutenant in the LAPD. His wife Rina is going in for jury duty. He wishes her luck. Later on in the day he is called to a murder scene. The Kaffey's are murdered in their big ranch like home. Guy and his wife, a few guards too. His son Gil is shot but will survive. Its up to Decker to solve the murder. With some many shot and killed they are going to have a lot of suspects.

Scott Oliver and Marge Dunn are the two detectives that were there when Decker showed up on the scene. Its up to Decker to get then to tell him what they think had happened. After spending hours out at the house and getting back to his office, the head guy shows up in his office to tell Decker that he's going to have to get a team together to solve this thing.

With so much going on and finding witnesses to tell them about what really happened. It might take them awhile to find all of everyone to talk to.

As the story goes farther on, they start to notice that one gang of people might be involved, the Bodega 12 gang. Its time for them to find the ones that pulled the trigger. Decker has talked to the surviving members of the family. Its not quite time to give up on any of the family yet. What ends up happening and who did it will surprise you for sure.

The detectives Oliver and Dunn do a good job of solving as much as they can. Decker is trying to protected a blind witness that he's not even sure of. His wife sort of gets involved in the case. But by the end Decker finds the guys that did the shooting and something else that doesn't surprise him at the end.

Read the book, its good and will make you want to know how it will end. Well, I'm off to start my next book. Remember a good book could be the one your reading now or the one you might read tomorrow.

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