Sunday, August 25, 2013

Nocturnal by L. Jerome Word

Christopher Lance is a reporter in Atlanta GA. He is a haunted man dealing with things that had happened almost 15 years ago. His good friend Bre was murdered and he found the burned body. He became famous from solving another story and murder not to long ago. He has been known for doing things that are dangerous to most people but, that's how he gets his stories out.

His best friend Mac and him are on a stake out trying to get information on the mayor. He's in love with his long time friend and girlfriend Jordan. She's been there for him for a long time. Mac has been trying to tell Christopher that he needs to do something concerning Jordan for years now but, he just can't seem to make up his mind. He knows Mac is right though.

Harmony Tennessee is where Christopher grew up and where he met Bre. After her death he was never quite sure what really happened and he knew that he needed to solve the mystery. Dorian Tom was Bre's mom back then and said that Ford was the guy that killed her daughter in court. Something wasn't adding up after he had met with Dorian to talk about something else altogether different. But she caught on to him pretty quickly and he was found unconsense on the floor of his apartment.

With this mystery about his friend growing stronger inside of him. He knew he needed to wipe away those ghosts so he could become more human again and sleep. He takes a trip to Harmony to talk to the sheriff there and doesn't get much from it but, a treat or two. He doesn't plan on stopping his search.

He and Mac take a trip to go and find out more information on Dorian but, end up getting quite beat up and shot at. People are just not going to talk to him. That still isn't going to stop him, he needs to know and then he finds out about Bre maybe being still alive. He needs to find out for sure.

Alexi is a young and beautiful model and Christopher needs to go and talk to her. Even though Dorian doesn't want Alexi to see him she does any ways. To Christopher, he knows for sure that she's Bre his long and not so dead friend. Then ford escapes from jail and is after Dorain to kill her for putting him into prison.

The story moves pretty fast. Its worth reading. I got to say I love a good thriller and this one just keeps moving faster as you read. Many things happen. But to find out how it ends you'll have to read the book.

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