Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Twilight/life and death by Stephenie Meyer

This is the tenth anniversary of twilight. It was the first book in the series. Stephenie decided to change things up and write a slightly different book but, instead of it being a human girl like Bella was, it was a human boy with a girl vampire.

I'll say this, the book was quite like the original. Rene and charlie are still the parents but there are some changes that will surprise some of the true fans of the twilight books. The Cullens are still there but, they are different. Instead of a male as the head of the family its a woman. The names are changed. Beau, is the human  that falls in love with the female vampire who's name is Edythe. The story tells it from Beau's point of view.

With much of the story line the same as the other book, it would be quite a fast read. There are some changes that will surprise those that weren't looking at what was coming next. The ending is good. I'm not going to blow it for those that haven't read this yet.

If your a major fan of the twilight series. I'll say read this other virgin. You might just be happy you did. I really can't write to much about it, other then it was good. Hope you read it.

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