Thursday, June 11, 2015

The finding by Nicky Charles

Cassie Greyson left her home because of a werewolf attacked her uncles attorney. She meets Kellen who decides to let her stay with him. For about three years she's been working at a grosery store and living in a small house. Kellen has had problems with gambling and she's tried to help him out. What she doesn't know is that things are about to turn out really bad.

Byran has been the one to go in search for Cassie. Because of the Finding clause she is theirs to bring back to the pack. Ryne has told Byran to be careful and not get the pack there upset. Byran finds her and things aren't exactly as they should be. Cassie doesn't trust anyone and she can sense that he's a werewolf. She's never quite like the voices she hears inside her head. She's been trying to keep it some coming out.

Marla is the lady that's working for Cassie's attorney. He's bent on taking control of everything and has plans to get Cassie back and send her up. He wants to destroy the werewolves because of the attack that happened on him and Cassie is his way of doing it. Byran just wants things to go smoothly. But when it comes to Cassie it may not.

Things happen between her and him and he realizes that she's the one he's been dreaming about. She is asking all kinds of questions and Byran tries to explain the best he can. Cassie doesn't exactly know if she can have a relationship with Byran or her wolf. Her wolf want to do certain things that she doesn't want or does she.

Her uncles attorney finds Kellen and brings him to his penthouse. Cassie wants to help get him out but, to Byran he thinks its to dangerous to do so.

If you want to find out how the book turns out. You'll have to read it. Will Bryan and Cassie see that they are met to be. Will here uncles attorney have his way. I'm not giving anything away, pick up the book. Well, I'm off to start another book. Enjoy a book.

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