Friday, February 26, 2016

Never Die Alone by Lisa Jackson

Chloe and Zoe Denning are twins. They have been kidnapped just as they are about to turn 21 years old. The guy that took them was humming the birthday song. Both girls were hog tied.

Their mother Selma was beyond herself when she called Brianna Hayward. Brianna tried to get her to calm down so she could explain what happened. It took Selma a few minutes then, she told her everything. Brianna told Selma that she needed to go to the cops and tell them. Selma didn't think she could. Brianna was a twin too, and knew how it felt to lose one. She had started a group for those that had lose a twin could come and talk about it. That's how she met Selma.

Detective Rick Bentz is a cop in New Orleans. He'd been sitting in his office when Brianna came calling on him. She started out her story about her cousin she hardly knew and that he wasn't the 21 killer. Bentz didn't know what to believe. Then, when she told him about Chloe and Zoe being missing, He started to have a few questions pop up into his own head. He was going to make some calls.

Zoe had wiggled her way out of her biddings and was waiting for a chance to attack the nut case. Just as he got close enough to her, she let go on him. She did as much damage as she could so she could try and get away and she did.

Jase Bridges is a reporter and he's also holding a big secret that could cause some problems with Brianna is she was to find out. He knew that she had gone to see detective Bentz. He needed to find out what she knew about the twins. He also didn't want her to know the truth about his past. This was going to be tricky for him.

You'll have to pick up the book to find out what happens to the twins, if they survive a mad man. Find out if Jase tells the truth about his past to Brianna. I'll just add this though, the ending is really good.

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