Sunday, September 30, 2012

Darker still by Leanna Rene Hieber

Another new author I haven't read before and to my surprise this book was very much to my liking. Very fast paced. It will diffenently hold you to it from the first page to the last.

Natalie Stewart was brought up in an Asylum and now she's heading home to live with her father. The only thing is, she is mute, she hasn't spoken in since she was very young and after her mothers death.

Mrs. Evelyn Northe is a very rich lady and has abtained a painting of a very handsome young man named Lord Denbury.Natalie is introduced to her and her neice Maggie. They are planning on having her dad help Mrs. Northe buy the painting and put it in the museum. But when Maggie takes Natalie to go see the painting it has like put a spell on her. He is so handsome beyond words but, something else she notices is that the person in the painting has noticed her too.

After Mrs. Northe has brought the painting to her house, Natalie is able to stand closer to it and see that she wasn't imagining what she had. The guy in the painting had moved his hand and in a few minutes of her touching the painting she ends up inside it. To her, Lord Benbury is even more handsome then what she saw from where she stood. They began to talk and she found out that he was cursed and put in the painting. Natalie wants to some how help him out. So she talks to Mrs. Northe who also says she will help if she can.

Once the painting is moved to the museum, Natalie is given keys so she can make as many trips to see him. After spending time with Lord Denbury he tells her to start calling him Jonathon. To both of their surprise they fall in love and Natalie knows that she needs to take that curse off of him. So, with planning and Mrs. Northe's help they will try and trap the devil that has done this.

The book is quite and diffenently worth reading. You'll have to pick it up to read what happens in the end. Well, I'm off to start my next book. Remember to pick up a good book and read it, like maybe this one.

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