Monday, June 20, 2016

Sirens by Janet Fox

Josephine Winter's is seventeen and is almost done with high school tell her Pa tells her she's going to New York city to stay with her aunt and uncle. She starts to argue about it, then, her Pa says that she has no choice. She's going up there to find someone to marry. She can hear her mother in the kitchen doing dishes and Jo gets up and walks in there. Her mother just tells her that she needs to do what her Pa says.

Its 1925, when Jo gets to her aunt and uncle's she see's her cusion Melody. She looks to much like a flapper. Short hair and the clothes. She takes Jo upstairs to her bedroom where she gives her a bunch of clothes she can have. Tells her that tomorrow she'll take Jo shopping.

Teddy is Jo's brother and she remembered to bring some of his stuff that is important to her with her. She really never thought he was dead, but many of her family thought he was.

After getting a good nights sleep, Melody comes and gets her and they head out into the city. First thing is getting a hair cut and its short. Second, getting a few more things of clothing, some make-up and other stuff.

When Jo looks in the mirror, at first she doesn't notice herself. She knows her Pa wouldn't approve.
Later on, Melody tells her to get ready because tonight their going out. She's upstairs getting everything ready when she hears the doorbell.

There's a girl that's quite pretty sitting in the living room. Melody introduces her as Louis. Her boyfriend is Danny O'Connor He's a very powerful man. He's heard of him because of Her brother Teddy. She has his Journal but, hasn't read it yet.

Her plan was to go out and come back early so she can spend some time reading. She does know that she's never been to a speakeasy. When they leave they get into a limo. When they get to the place there was a band playing. Louis tells me that its her brother playing in the band. Her brothers name is Charlie. He's cute, Jo thought.

Days go by and Jo gets to meet Danny and is taken to his place which is huge. Jo does know that he wants something from her. But, all she does is play along. She's not going to give him anything yet.

Then, some things start to happen and people she loves is getting hurt. Its time she sits down and understand what's in Teddy's journal. She spends all day and into the evening reading. Something in her tells her that she's being watched by someone.

But, I'm not going to give away the ending. Many things end up happening and things in Jo's life does change. Pick up the book and read what happens. It was sort of a slow read but, I did finish it.
Sorry, for taking so long to add another book.

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