Wednesday, August 10, 2016

A temptation of angels by Michelle Zink

Helen was woken up out of a dead sleep because of noise going on in her house. Her mom comes running into the room and tells her to get up and that its time for her to go hide. Helen doesn't understand. Her mom says there's a hiding place right over here. Her mom hits a spot in the wall and there's a secret passage there. Her mom tells her that there's stairs not far from where she's going to be sitting and that she needs to not make any noise at all.

Helen climbs in. Her mom tells her that she will need to go to the address on the piece of paper she hands her. Helen is scared but, she knows that she doesn't have much choice. She needs to stay alive. She can hear her mom close up the hiding place and the noises of men coming into her room. She sits as still as she can.

It gets quiet and then, Helen smells smoke. She knows that she needs to get out now. Its very dark and she feels around tell she can feel for the landing to the stairs that her mom said was there. She slowly moves down each step tell she hits the bottom. Now she has to find the exit. The smoke was getting heavy around her. She needed to get out before the house fill down on her.

Once out and down the road, she pulled the paper out and read the address on it. Where she needed to go wasn't that far from her. Glancing back once she could see the house burning. She began to walk to where she needed to go.

It was a fairly big house and she knocked on the door. A young man answered the door and let her in. She followed him into the library. There was another guy sitting behind a desk. He asked who she was and she told them that her name was Helen. The guys introduced themselves as Darius and Griffin. She explained what happened and said she was told to come here. It was getting late and Darius told Griffin to take her to one of the rooms upstairs and they would talk more in the morning.

The guys said they needed to go see Galizur. Helen wanted to come with. At first the guys didn't think it would be a good idea. But Helen was going to follow them anyways. Galizur's place was hidden some and the guys knew she had followed them. They were let in by Anna and taken through a few more rooms. Tell they were in a bigger room and a guy was working at a table.

Galizur said hello Helen and then told Anna to go make some tea. When the tea came, they all went and sat down in some chairs. Galizur explained to Helen and the guys that Many keepers have been getting killed because someone is wanting the key to the library. Helen wasn't sure what it was all about she just wasn't happy the her parents had to die. Galizur told Helen to follow him that he had a box for her. Once she got the box and opened it. There was all kinds of things from her dad in there and money.

On the way back, they ran into some nasty creatures and the guy fought them off. Once in the house the guys explained that demons can appear out of lights. After some time, Darius said they needed to find the guy that's been causing all of the keepers death.

Well, you'll have to read the book to find out what happens in the end. Do the guys and Helen finally become safe? Do they find the person or people that have been killing the keepers? Many questions are answered and the ending is good.

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