Tuesday, April 6, 2021

Bloodleaf by Crystal Smith


This the first novel in a new young adult series. I'll give this a great rating in my book. I enjoyed this book a lot. 

Aurelia is a princess In a city that's run by people that have set laws to kill witches and she is one. She, hasn't learned exactly how to harnish  it but, she knows that she can see the dead. She is going to be sent away to marry a prince from another kingdom. It had been set up since she was a baby. Her mother hopes that it will save her. 

Kellan is her protector and when Simon comes from Achleva. Her mother makes a deal with him to do magic that will keep her from dying. So, they prepare to do it and it will take three. Simon, her mother and Kellan all make a pact to do die in her place. 

Toris and his daughter Lisette are waiting on her, her brother and Kellan to show up at the meeting place they arranged. The horses were ready and so were they. What Aurelia didn't know was that things were about to take a really bad turn for her. Toris, decided he was going to kill her and Kellan. It didn't quite work out the way he thought. He did stab Kellan and he ended up in the water, She had finally got away on Kellan's horse, but she had a problem. After getting to the other city where the prince was, she couldn't get into the city because its protected by a spell. She didn't have the papers to get in any more.

Realizing she didn't have any money she needed to figure out what to do. She ended up getting into trouble, her horse was taken by a guy named Zan. She didn't know what else to do. She wondered around outside the gates until Zan offered to make her a deal and help her inside. She wasn't happy. She did finally take him up on it. 

She was bull headed and didn't want to do anything for him. After having some sleep and a meal, she needed to find a job. That didn't turn out as will. She got attacked by three men and ended up using Blood magic to cause them harm. Zan, saw what happened and his friend that was with him carried her to his home where his wife Katie helped nurse her back to health. 

Zan told her a story about someone trying to destroy the magic on the wall. He wants her to help him find a way to keep it from happening by using her magic. He shows her secret ways to not be scene, by using tunnels under the castle. She gets books to study with his help. There is also something going on between them, but she can't let that happen not yet. So she ignores it. 

Bad things do happen, can she tell him who she really is. Because he only knows her as someone else. She also doesn't know that he really is the prince. 

The story is fast pasted. Makes you wonder what's going to happen next. I love a page turner just as much as anyone else. Try the book. 

Well, I'm off to start another book. Remember to pick up a good book, it may become a new favorite. 

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