Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Postmortem by Patricia Cornwell

First of all this is an older book and the first one in a series of books that Patricia Cornwell has written. If you haven't read any of her books yet, this one will grab you and you'll want to read it tell you finish it.
   Kay Scarpetta is the Medical examiner of Richmond, Virginia. She's took over after the other one died. Early one morning she's called to a murder of a woman. So far, there had been three others and this case was starting to get to her. She and the cops had no leads and the public was getting worried. Marino the cop in charge was starting to act like he knew who was doing the killings as Kay walked into the house to take a look at the body.
   Abby Turnbull is a news reporter and has been writting about the murders for the last month or so. Kay didn't really know her that will and Abby can turn into a pest if Kay didn't watch what she was doing.
   Lucy is Kay's niece and has been staying with Kay for awhile. Being that Lucy's mom seems to think that her daughter is not someone she spends much time with.
   Amburgey is the police commisioner and is watching Kay. Things start to happen around Kay's office and she knows that if she makes to many mistakes she could lose her job. She can't find out who the killer is because of the things going on. As time passes, Marino starts taking her to the scenes of the crime after the crimes.
   Things start to add up and they, Kay, Abby and another guy that kay works with end up coming up with a great idea to catch the killer.
   Well, I'm not giving away the ending. If you want to know what happens, read the book. It's worth it if you haven't. Now I'm off to start reading my next book. Remember to keep coming back to see what other books I've read and what others I'll add to my blog here. I hope you at least have gone out and picked up at least one of the books listed on here to read for yourself. Books are a great way to escape what's going on in this busy world of ours. Enjoy reading a good book, because I did.
   I'm off to start another book.

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