Tuesday, January 11, 2011

The Physick book of Deliverance Dane by Katherine Howe

This book is interesting to read. It's not bad, a little slow to start with but, picks up as read farther into the book.
   Connie Goodwin is a coolege student working on her Ph.d. One of her profeesors by the name of Manning Chilton and her advisor is giving her a oral exam. But, there's also something about him that does seem to rub Commie the wrong way.
    Later in the day, Connie's mom Grace calls and asked her to take a trip to her grannies house. As of arriving Connie notices that the house is covered in vines and over grown grass.
   Parts of this book is about Connie and the things that goes on with her. Also, the book takes you back to 1700's and the witch trials. It gives you a very good look and part of the reason they happened. But, with Connie she is a decendent of one of them, her name is Deliverance Dane.
   As Connie starts to work on the old house she finds a key and Deliverance's name on a piece of paper. This becomes a search for a shadow book. It also brings professer Chilton into what she's doing and his need for the book.
   Connie meets a guy named Sam. Because of this, Sam ends up almost dying.
   Well, that's all I'm telling you. If you want to know what goes in. You'll have to pick up the book and read it. I'm off to reading my next book. Tell next time. Enjoy a good book.

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